Quilt Retreat Results

The joy of finishing–at least when I get a top together it feels finished even though one more step remains, the quilting. Make that two more, also the binding. But there is something about seeing pieces sewn together that beats looking at them side by side on the design wall.

Mitered border added

The daunting miter

Two things were needed to finish this one: a plan and the courage to do the mitered corners. I finally had the plan,a lap quilt, that reduced the number of borders, hence design decisions. It turns out that the mitered corners were relatively easy. On two sides I did the small tuck trick that I had read would make the design come out perfect on rectangles. On two I didn’t.  With this border fabric, it didn’t seem to matter. I even have a beginning plan for the quilting. The center 9-patch will be done in a big flower.

I had cut pieces to make pieced borders around the Noah’s Ark panels–I had two panels.

Noah's Ark 1

An infant quilt–about 36 x 36

Noah's Ark 2

To become a crib quilt, about 36 x 46

Okay, so one top isn’t completely finished.  I think I’ll turn this last one into a rectangle before I stop. As is, it is an infant quilt. I had to try miters again to reinforce the learning. Looking at this design and stretching my imagination, I can see rain in the striped print and waves in the triangle border. What drew me to these panels was that they allowed my “old lady” prints to become more child friendly.

All three will go to the charity quilts given away by my local quilt guild.  Last year they gave away over two thousand to firemen, to hospice, to women’s shelters, and other groups. Although some of the fabric came from my stash, most was from the packets made up for charity projects, so the projects were committed before I started. I did shift charities, though.  The packets came from my guild in Indiana; the finished products will go to groups in Oregon.  I offered to mail the ones I made from fabric in Indiana back, but they suggested keeping it local.

1/13/15 Linking with Val’s Tuesday Archives. Check out other people’s medallions.




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4 responses to “Quilt Retreat Results

  1. dezertsuz

    Great quilts. The charities receiving will be thrilled to get them. Anyone would be. =)

  2. Okay…..THANK YOU for taking the intimidation out of Medallion QUilts for me…I’m learning so much from this linky and realizing that they can be as simple or detailed as one wishes. So glad you linked and shared under our Medallion THeme at TUesday Archives this week…as you helped me gain a much better understanding! SMILES!!!

  3. I have many panels. Your ideas have me thinking of using them soon.

  4. You made some fun quilts from those panels and your “old lady prints”. I had to laugh when I read that.

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