The quilt blocks arrived!

Yesterday I got a squishy in the mail; the yellow and purple blocks had arrived.  The project started with 8 blocks can now continue with 28. Last night I just looked at them over and over; today I started possible arrangements (after realizing I couldn’t photo all 28 at once).  My first step is to see how many I can combine into one top–old fashioned sampler style.

So here is the first pass at using 12 blocks.  The goal is quilt tops approximately 40 x 50 or 40 x 60.  This one will need a border–I’m thinking a warm brown.  I may switch a block or to also.

Next I look for duplicate blocks–I do tend toward symmetry. And similar degrees of contrast plus some similarity in shade of purple/yellow.  Sometimes also theme, for example these blocks are mostly all stars.  I don’t know yet what to do with the center space. I have enough fabric to make a fifth star like the four I submitted, but I think that might be too much; I may leave it plain and match it to the border. Whatever I do, it will be dark around the edges to contrast with the light blocks it will adjoin.  I may pick up the aqua of the two side stars in border and center–but it will have to be just the right amount.  I really like the stars adjacent to each other, so no sashing for this one. The 9-patch arrangement of 12-inch blocks gives only 36 x 36  so some bordering will be needed. Pieced or plain…no clue yet.  Maybe something including both the bright aqua and the medium purple in the bottom center block.

Then there are the more pastel blocks. I started with 9-patch arrangement. I think that is my default arrangement, and I have to remind myself that there are other options. So this one already morphed.

       After seeing these two photos, I realized   that I needed to get out of 9-patch arrangement mode.  So I played a bit more. After all that is what this stage is all about, arranging and rearranging before committing to sewing.

I like challenges where certain colors and/or themes are presented. Sometimes a limitation on how many fabrics one has to use/can add. I like to work within restrictions.  In block lotto the restriction is the number of blocks one gets. But there is no limitation to how many I can add. I can use just one block and add all around it; I can arrange like the first 12 and add next to nothing. So this challenge is wide open with just a few restrictions. At any rate, here is the rearrangement.

With this one there would be the most room to play with sashing and borders. I’m leaning toward something that will emphasize the pastels, but am not fully committed yet to any plan.

The next step will be to dig into my 12 boxes of fabric (yes they are labeled) for colors to work with. But I also like to let ideas germinate a while and the golf quilt has germinated long enough. So I think I will move to working on it.


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5 responses to “The quilt blocks arrived!

  1. Pat

    You’ve got some great blocks to work with and you lay outs are great so far. Can’t wait to see how you finish them!

  2. Sherry B. in Iowa

    Wow, you are a whiz at playing with different types/colors of blocks and coming up with pleasing combinations. And of course once you open up your own stash boxes, who knows what you’ll come up with! Anxious to see finished quilts….great job.

  3. Those layouts are great! What fun!

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