Zimmerman seamless sweater–take 2

Okay, having misread the directions on sweater 1, the blue one of a couple posts ago, I am trying my new reading on this one.

Seamless sweater nearly finished

seamless sweater

I am up to where I have ten stitches on the sleeve and have to start front and back separately.

So far the “seam” looks good to me; but then it looked good on the blue one too until I got to the top, where front and back meet at the shoulder seam.

sleeve "seam"

close up of sleeve

So I’ll not be sure till I get the next 10 rows finished and the decreasing ready to meet.

Actually this is called seamless, but there is a short shoulder seam on the “set in” sleeve; I think raglan sleeves do not have any seam except the bit under the arms that doesn’t count because it doesn’t show.

I do hope I can master this because it sure beats getting various pieces knit to the same size and seamed nicely!

I plan to finish the neck with what Elizabeth Zimmerman (Knitting Workshop) calls a Norwegian neck.  If it turns out well, you will see it again.


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