Two Backs and a Bunch of Blocks

My two recent orphan tops now have backs.

1 orphan back 1

This one goes with the first orphan top (here); the block is one that was unfinished–I added the orange corners–and suggested the color for the back. I don’t have enough purple for binding but there is enough excess on the back to bring the back to the front, so that is the plan.

And this one goes with the second (here).

1 orphan back 2

I had made an oversized striped square so I could play with direction, and that left some pieces that I cut into 2-inch strips. The end result is not quite what I’d pictured in my head because of the alternating directions of the stripes in the strips. But it will do. I’ll cut the binding and keep it with the top and back. I have learned how easy it is to grab fabric I’m supposed to be saving for one project and use it for another.  Early on I’d save the fabric with the top, but that puts the whole piece out of commission. So now I cut the binding. (I think this brown will make a nice star for the Irish Star quilt, so knowing what I have available is important.)

These two will now go into that black hole called “to be quilted.” At least when I am ready, they will be ready to pin.  It is quite annoying to be in the mood to quilt but to have to make a back first.

And here is a sample of the blocks in progress:

1 Mendota blocks 1

When trimmed they will be 10.5-inch blocks. Sunshine Online Guild (information currently visible at by searching groups) has its F2F gathering this June. People who go will assemble tops from this block; people who cannot go will send blocks to be assembled. I will miss playing with the piles of blocks this year, but I’ll be watching for the results.

I have 40 cut and ready to sew, all with light borders. We were asked to make half light borders and half dark borders, so I have to dig into my fabrics for the dark ones.  I knew I didn’t have much light-colored fabric on hands so just want shopping.

I’ll link with Em’s Scrapbag for Moving it Forward Monday and the Tuesday Colour Linky.





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5 responses to “Two Backs and a Bunch of Blocks

  1. Your backings are so bold and modern! I love the way the extra blocks/pieces just leap out from the solid background. Your Mendota blocks look great, too. I didn’t get the memo about half light, half dark backgrounds. Mine are so random that there’s a chance I hit near the 50/50 mark, I suppose 🙂

  2. I like those backings, and in particular the zig-zaggy one with strips going in two directions. The Mendota blocks look good, and a great fast quilt. Have fun making the other half.

  3. Oh my goodness – I love when backs have a leftover block or blocks in them! Nice backings!

  4. Your purple backing could easily be a modern quilt top as is. 😀 Love it lots.

  5. I love your pieced backs!

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