Belated Sisters Post

Yeah, most of you have seen this quilt before, but this is a better photo. I didn’t get to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this year, but my quilt did. And posting about it fell through the cracks with my grandson’s visit. But my online friend Tierney visited it and caught a photo for me. It is so nice to see the quilt hanging, flat, and with quilting visible.

At Sisters whole

The hand is because the day was windy.

Portland Modern Quilt Guild had an exhibit area and set a theme: modern traditional.  The traditional was the 9-patch blocks   (after I ripped apart a 36-patch top I didn’t like), the modern, the Layered Curves, my favorite “score” from Sherri Lynn Wood’s Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters. (A ‘score’ is not a pattern, but a starting idea that can guide–limiting or changing as one progresses.) While using improv fabric in traditional patterns is fun to do, I enjoyed this reversal of putting the traditional in the made fabric.

For those new to my blog, here is a blog post with links to posts about the history of construction.



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10 responses to “Belated Sisters Post

  1. It must have showed beautifully there. It is so good to see the quilting relief with the sunlight. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW! Very inspiring. Somehow I can’t get past Chapter 1 in that book …

  3. Was it the wind or was it because I just wanted a random hand touching your quilt in the photo?!?! I just wanted to mention that while I was photographing your quilt (and asking random strangers to touch it with their hands) several people stopped to “oooh and ahh” at it; and one woman mentioned it was her favorite quilt in the whole show (and there were 1200+ quilts in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!). You did a fantastic job on quilting it (as well as the design! So glad to meet it in person after following its progress in your blog!

    • Well, now, I should have figured out it was artistic photo composition and not necessity. 🙂 Thanks for passing along the good words. Quite a different reaction from what I observed at our local (traditional) guild show.

  4. Mary Gillette

    I’m impressed – both with the way you cut up your orange 9-patch top and how it turned out but also with the quilting. Good job, Claire!

  5. Now this photo really does it justice, and so great to see the quilting in much more detail. Congratulations on the kudos, too!

  6. dezertsuz

    It looks so nice hanging there in the sun. The orange is much less bright, too. What a great way to see your quilt!

  7. I love how the original blocks just peek through – ‘psst! over here!’ – ducking in and out. It’s a very playful effect!

  8. Congratulations on getting it into the Sisters Show! That’s some doing–such a grand place to show off all your hard work. And I loved reading the comments on this one–fun to see the person who took the photo chat with you. Woohoo!!

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