Lan Su Chinese Garden in the Rain

I finally got to the garden in the rain. Actually it wasn’t on purpose. It wasn’t raining when my friend and I went to the bus stop. This is Portland, after all.

Moon Locking PavillionLook hard: see the red rose in the upper right? Still blooming. And the next photo is a close up of the white flower in the foreground.

white flower

Other flowers were blooming also.

yellow flower and lotus boat

It looks like the lotus boat is a permanent fixture, not just during lotus harvesting season.

And the ritual shots of the land boat, persimmons tree, and weeping willow:

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I wonder how long those last persimmons will hang on.

There are enough covered passage ways that we didn’t get too wet while visiting in the rain. But the tea room is one of the best sheltered places–quite a few visitors thought so; it was crowded. And rain did limit some of the spots where I like to take photos. I’m waterproof, but my camera isn’t.

And though it was raining, it wasn’t raining hard enough to hear the sound effect of the drip from the tile to the banana leaves. I think there are more visits in my future.

Oh, and in case you couldn’t see the red rose, here is a shot with a little zoom: It is said to bloom 8 out of 12 months; I’m counting.

red rose with zoom






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2 responses to “Lan Su Chinese Garden in the Rain

  1. dezertsuz

    I love the pictures. I would love to be there in the rain, especially if you COULD hear the drips. =) Thanks for a new view.

  2. Cher

    it was a lovely day…

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