Socks, well A Sock

Seems the first half of the blog name is almost misleading because I’ve been  ‘kwilting’ so much more than knitting. But I do still knit. Most of my knitting is done when I gather with others to knit, twice most weeks.

Coffee bean sockOne finished. Now to cast on the second before the next knit group.

The pattern is Pick-a-Pattern Worsted Weight Socks (that I adapted for fingering yarn) from the book Dear All The Mamas, available through Ravelry. It is a basic sock pattern with four variations for the decorative stitch. I chose the coffee bean stitch.

I missed gifting them in time for this winter–but they will be finished by next winter.


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  1. I like how long the leg part is. Most of my socks only come a little above the ankles and on really cold days, I need more! I like the design of it, too. Someone will love these!

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