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Architecture Top Completed

The top is finished, and I get to go shopping before I can quilt it because I don’t have either gold or green thread. May also need orange and brown.  I’m leaning toward matching colors in the quilting.

I told about the challenge and photo choice here.

The other side of the street

The other side of the street

I realized when I came home from the fabric store that my color choice had been affected by other directions on the street:

Looking other direction

Looking the other direction

I started by sketching out the idea that had formed while I was waiting for the bus, then refined it.  Remember my goal had been something minimalist–a direction I have been trying to work toward.

Five sketches Moving clockwise. Sketch 1 was the original idea, much better in the head than on paper. Way too busy. In sketch 2 I tried removing the trees, but the bottom was empty. Instead of inserting a tree, I thought to jokingly insert the trash can that I’d hardly seen originally, but was so prominent in the photo (the camera sees everything; the eye selects). Didn’t like that. In sketch 3 I tried returning the trees and removing some of the buildings. By sketches 5 and 6 I had only the order of color of the buildings in the variously arranged irregular oval shapes. That would probably require applique and I don’t yet have the skills needed for that. So I let it rest a while and came up with sketch 6 and the one I used.

Final sketchI include all the sketches because I don’t think the connection with the photo would show at all without the sequence. And here is the top.

quilt topWhen making “made fabric” for the top partial circle I thought I’d really like the prints that had green and browns. I don’t so much now; I really prefer the ones where the value remains closer among the pieces.

Quilt top upside down   I put it on the design wall upside down and temporarily liked it better, but then noticed it looked empty in the upper left.  I don’t think it looks empty in the lower right when it is  “right side up.”  If anyone with design knowledge could explain  that apparent difference, I’d like to know. (Or maybe it is just me who sees it that way.) I find it amusing that after straightening out the street to remove depth I reintroduced depth in the colors and size of the circles–one step away from historical modern I guess.

Started at the end of May, close enough to June to count for me. There are other starts as well, so I’m linking up with NewFOs; click to see others’ starts.



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