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Grandson Interlude

Can’t say “grandbaby” anymore; he is growing so fast! A little past 2 now, and calls himself “I” instead of “baby.”

Some of his favorite things.
Helping unload the dishwasher.
Unloading dishwasherLet’s hope this fascination continues as he ages!

Listening to music and reading tractor catalogs. Tractors are among his favorite things.

music and catalog

Breaking stereotypes: he  listens to opera as he names the various tractors and other equipment. He also recognizes whether the singer is Rudolfo or Mimi. With musicians for parents, it is no big surprise that he names CDs by the composer or performer. Wild Colonial is another favorite group. He names instruments when they solo, often accurately.

His mother works at the library, so on a short shift day I took him to story time and he also played with the toys.

He surprised me by saying “Turn round” when a  puzzle piece didn’t fit right, before I had a chance to suggest it.

Then he moved to another favorite.
construction toys

Enough from this proud grandma.






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