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Golf Quilt Top Finished at Last

I have dithered around more than usual at this last border.  From wondering between a blue and the green of the checks, I actually auditioned the green of the checks, and it was obvious it was wrong. Then I auditioned each fabric from the flying geese, and there were a couple that were okay. Then a friend suggested abandoning the cornerstone and having an all golf-course fabric border. And that auditioned well. BUT

Finished golf top

The cornerstone is back

the cornerstone is back, and here is why.  The golf-course fabric was directional and large enough that it needed to be matched.  I didn’t mind fussing around with matching, but the repeat was very wide. To get two 11 1/2 inch strips the length of the quilt would have chopped the piece so much that the remaining chunks would not be usable in a pieced back. So back to the cornerstone to avoid matching.

Now to work on the pieced back.

Okay, so today is Saturday.  I think I can still link up to Link a Finish Friday, and even if I can’t, you can brows the quilts there. And I just found UFO Sunday! (link on the side) This, planned three or so years ago and started in earnest a year ago then put away, sure qualifies!


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From the Pacific back to the golf border

After a nice couple of days on the Pacific coast

View of ocean

Look hard to see the coast town of Manzanita

Neahkahnie Mountain

Looking back at the mountain from the town

Ocean view from beach

Can you hear it?

it is back to the golf quilt.  I am ready to piece the final border.

Preview of quilt border

Green or blue…

I almost wished I had made the checkerboard row blue and gold, but the green is growing on me. Now the question is whether to repeat the green in the cornerstone or go with the blue.

Because of the holiday, today feels like Monday, but it is Wednesday, so click on WIP Wednesday link to the right to see quilters’ progress.





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The Golf Quilt — continuing

Here are the bottom three rows (with a repeat of the two middle ones to show some continuity)

bottom rows

Blocks, top to bottom: Birds in the Air, Pinwheel, Hole in the Barn Door, Flying Geese

The very light green in the checkerboard and the light blue do not “glare” in real life like they do in the photo (thank goodness).

I knew there were limits to the 54 x 54 inch design wall, but I also don’t know where I would set up the larger one.  I tried for a whole shot on a bed, but can’t get far enough away for a good one. Still it is an idea.

Preview top to bottom


The top is ready for tucks and spacers to make each row the same length or width.

If I had it to do over, I’d not have made the big block on top (Ohio Star). At the time it seemed necessary for balance with the panel and because the recipient lives in Ohio. I think another couple rows of blocks would have worked just as well; however, I don’t dislike it enough to make those different rows. I’m in get-it-finished mode.

WIP Wednesday is taking a break; check back next week.


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Finished two more rows

I’ve been thinking about this Golf quilt  a LONG time and am finally working on it. I’ve just finished two more rows. Have only two more rows and the border to do. (I’m sending it out to be quilted.) Oh I guess I have the back to do as well; I don’t think I have enough golf-course fabric for the whole back.

Golf quilt four rows

Getting there

I love a loose definition of “finished.”

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and the winner is…

The winner of the musical instrument charm pack is Lynn of ThisQuiltingMama Blog. Congratulations.

And in between browsing 178 blogs (quite fun) I did get some sewing done.  I like to try new tools so bought some “Tiger Tape” to mark half square triangles.Where I will really appreciate it is when using two dark fabrics.

Tiger Tape


I don’t think it increased accuracy or saved time over marking with pen. Of course I have a fine point pen so the line I draw is narrow. The advertisement said it was reusable, and I did use each piece 12 times; I may have been able to squeeze a few more uses out of it, but I had finished my HSTs.

There is so much that doesn’t feel like progress.  Like trimming those HSTs.

Trimming HSTs

Are we there yet?

But I do like to see those nice even square pieces.

Friendship star lined up

Now that feels like progress

I lined them up on my 15-inch square ruler (which doubles as a tray to get pieces from the ironing board to the sewing machine) and was ready to make blocks and then a strip. I found it liberating to learn that seams had to be pressed only before sewing a cross seam.  So I sewed the right side, then the left side, and then pressed.

Top two rows

Progress on the golf quilt

The six friendship-star blocks are the width (before borders) on the original plan.  I have a couple inches I can play with, and another new idea may make a lower row wider, so I am not sewing strips down the side of the flying geese till I see the final width.

I missed WIP Wednesday this week; come back to see how far I get by next Wednesday.

12/19/12 I didn’t get much farther.  Design change–one row of flying geese will have green “sky.” More cut. More preliminary seams.  On to next week.


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Out of Hibernation

No one can say I rush into projects.  I recorded my starting ideas here. I couldn’t believe that was July a year ago! And showed my initial fabric selections here. I revised the plan and began cutting fabric for the various blocks last December.

graphed plan

I cut out all but the background because I wasn’t sure how much to make green and how much gold or which shades of green, or even if I had enough green.  Maybe I’d have gotten back to it sooner if I had cut all the pieces and just had to pull out a well marked envelope. As it was, quite a few other projects pushed it way to the background.

It is out again, and after an afternoon of reviewing my notes–very complete notes, I had some direction.  The gold (fabric in the Ohio Star block) is winning over green for background in most places, and the top row is begun.

top row layout

The rectangles at the sides will become flying geese with the gold for the “sky.”  And there will be a strip of gold on each side of the rows of geese to make the size come out right.  If I had started sooner I’d not have had the gold-star-fabric rectangles that I recently bought…and I like how they echo the weeds in the foreground of the panel. Once again, procrastination has been of value.

The first time I made a checkerboard setting and laid it out and saw how long it became, I was sure I had mismeasured at some point. Nope.  All those 1/4-inch seams shrink it right to size.

Back to the sewing room. I’ll meet up with you again later.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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Planning the Golf Quilt

Yesterday I sketched out the top. But first I figured out measurements that I needed for a twin quilt.  I had notes from an older magazine that a twin mattress is 39 x 75; I measured mine: it is 37 x 75

preliminary sketch

So I’ll make a 2 inch border that can either frame or hang over.  To cover the mattress and hang down a bit takes at least 10 inches. But quilting takes up a couple inches, and maybe shrinkage when washed. So to be on the safe side, 15 inch borders.

I usually do several stripes in the border, but this golf greens fabric can carry the whole border, I think.

I am making a large block to cover the pillow and allowing an 8-inch pillow tuck, then rows of various blocks plus the golf panel. The blank space is where I haven’t yet decided on what size block to use or if I’ll use one or two rows. And of course the space between rows is not fixed other than that I have at least 12 inches altogether, not counting the pillow tuck.

I have tentatively planned colors of blocks and background. So the next step is to make some of the blocks that I plan to use and lay them out and think about the overall effect of the arrangement. This time I have enough fabric that I can make some blocks but not use them and make more if I change my mind. I will think colors, space between rows, effectiveness of blocks as I lay them out and, probably, arrange and rearrange a little.

I never anticipate how much time this initial sketching will take. Whether I use it as is or not, it is a necessary step. Oh and I think I will need more variations of blue and green than I had pulled, so it is back to the stash to see what I have, and maybe to a quilt shop to fill a gap.

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Mental Quilting

the starter

The golf themed quilt has been in my subconscious germinating while I finished other projects ever since I found the panel (at least a year ago).  I thought I was going to work on it this week, but the fabric is still whole.  I had a couple ideas for the companion fabrics, but so nebulous.

accompanying fabric

Design problems. I had planned a medallion type arrangement, only the panel took up most of the width of a single bed, and that gave me pause.  I also wondered what to do with the pillow tuck. So it sat there while I thought of various blocks and borders, trying to come up with blocks that fed into narrow borders to make the width of the panel work.

Serendipity while browsing quilt books on design: divide surface into thirds horizontally and vertically and make the focal point at one of the intersections.  Now I knew that, and in fact have used it for wall quilts. (I would like to call them art quilts, but I don’t think the art quilt police would agree.) It just hadn’t occurred to me for a bed quilt.

So the tentative plan: move the panel down to the lower third (Sorry can’t make it to the intersection of thirds). And do blocks in a sort of strippy setting, then border all around…making sure one of the plainer strips comes at the pillow tuck.

So next step is to get out the graph paper.


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