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Green Tuesday

I have observed the boycott of Black Friday ever since I first heard of it.  (Since my association of “black” related to “Black Thursday” the beginning of the Great Depression, I was puzzled by the naming until I learned it meant –mostly for big box stores–moving from the red to the black financially.) Alas, I shop so little that the big box stores probably never noticed my boycott on their bottom line, but I still feel part of the movement. Small things add up.

Then along came Shop Local Saturday. Much more to my liking because shopping local  and supporting the small specialty stores in my neighborhood is important.  I may not always make it on the named Saturday, but it is my first place to start shopping when indeed I must shop–for yarn, for fabric, for food.

So today I was delighted to read of Green Tuesday.  Again, I may never observe it on the “appropriate” Tuesday. But I am sure that doesn’t matter if I observe it all year.  I invite you to check out the various green solutions suggested and find some to try.


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November 22, 2011 · 2:20 pm