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Creating moving shapes

If ever there was doubt that I am a process person (there wasn’t), it would have been erased this month. In the MasterClass, it was time to submit a blocked out design. I’d experimented and failed and was ready to chop the piece into smaller pieces and make a scrap quilt from them after it got its comments. Even though this experiment had failed, I felt I’d learned plenty from the discussions and the trying, was ready figuratively to crumble the paper and throw it into the trash.

Motion sketchLet’s back track. First the sketch. It began to show motion, but the lines stopped it, and the lines and shapes were unrelated. It sat, glaring at me, till  duh-piphany. Make the opening bigger so the shape can fall through. Led to ‘fall through the cracks.’ Led to ‘hole in the net.’ Cheers for stream of consciousness. All this led to a new sketch and a new goal. Could I show motion straight down instead of lateral or top to bottom on the page?

Led to this sketch. Sketch 2

The dark circle was supposed to retreat beneath the light circle around it. I needed to fill space so enlarged the larger circle to an oval. Uh oh. Fried egg. Silly me thought it might be less obvious in fabric.

First fabric block out

It wasn’t.

And instead of receding, the purple bounced up. I submitted it anyway, just to be finished and ready for next month’s lesson.

But like any good instructor, Elizabeth gave some suggestions and said, “Try again.”

It morphed into this:

Second blocked out design

I did give up on the downward movement (it may be possible, but not for this piece) and went for spiral. Now on to a finished product after all.

March ETA link to FlickR photo of finish. I am not usually a fan of hanging threads, but they seeemed to fit “Hole in the Safety Net.”


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