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Pets on Quilts Parade

People who own pets and try to photograph their quilts on the floor find that pets love the quilts. So, cleverly, Snoodles and Padsworth created a parade to showcase pets.

pets on quiltsIf you are a pet lover,  have a look.

When I heard a grandbaby was due, of course I made a quilt. Shirley, the cat, was quick to stake her claim, though surprisingly she stayed to the edge.

cat baby quiltFirst they eyeball each other from a distance.  Gradually they come closer.

cat baby quilt 2Many of you have seen the quilt already, but here it is again for pet parade visitors.


A Star is Born

Because it was made before my grandson was born, and we wanted to be surprised, there is equal pink and blue.  Above is before quilting. Below is after and with back-to-front binding.

baby and back of quilt


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