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Lan Su Chinese Garden–November 1

I missed an October visit by a day. Still, there was more green than fall color, and only one tree had dropped its leaves. There was more color in the penjing than in the larger plants.

However, there was some color among the larger trees.

view of lotus, willow and orange tree

Although the lotus seem past their season, the lotus boat was still out amidst some lush yellow.

lotus boat

And then there is my favorite view of the day.

photo showing layers with orange tree

This four layered view showing how the illusion of space is created for the one-city-block size garden. To the left is the Lake Tai rock sculpture that is formed naturally in the water currents over the soft stone in the lake.

November’s feature is potted mums placed all around the garden. Since it is the very beginning of the month there are more buds than full flowers, but there was a very good preview.

And yes, the red rose is still blooming. I wonder which four months it does not bloom.

red roseAnd finally, the land boat view.

landboat and  persimmonsNote the almost ripe persimmons, upper left.  A sign said they weren’t really ready till December and asked visitors to leave them for future visitors. This is the first I’ve seen them ripe on the tree. Come December there will still be a few clinging.


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Lan Su Chinese Garden May and June


Penjing collection

May was the time for the penjing (Chinese bonsai) show.  There are always some on exhibit, but others are added in May.

Mountain scene

Mountain landscape penjing

Penjing Wisteria
Penjing Wisteria

penjing close up

Penjing examples

Although I had heard that landscape was more typical of Chinese than Japanese miniatures, there was only one example. I especially like the flowering miniatures.

Flowering miniature

Flowering Penjing

June, of course, is rose month; although I was too late for the pink roses, the red were in full bloom along with other flowers and water lilies.

various flowers

Full flowering scene

There was a  most unusual bloom: here is bush and close-up.

unknown flower

Water Lilies

And the water was clear enough and the light right to photograph the fish.


None of my “regular” spots were particularly photogenic on these visits. The stuffed dragons are down, so I never did get all 9 of them photographed, but the ones hanging now are much more ornate.


Paper dragon for the year of the dragon

I am not sure how many there are to find or how long they will be hanging.

Oh, and a May Apple–from May of course. The Chinese version is much larger than the wild ones in our forests–leaves about waist high.

Chinese May Apple

Chinese May Apple

The delay in posting is the result of the WiFi being down over the weekend…there will be a July visit or two.


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