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An All Day Block

Indian Summer quilt block

12 x 12

This is how I kept out of trouble today.

I’ve been exploring a variety of group quilting options, most recently a Bee. A Bee has 12 members, and each month one,the queen bee, chooses the block that the others make. This Indian Summer block was chosen for October. The queen bee sent enough fabric that we could choose colors, plus we could add. I added the darker orange and didn’t use two shades of yellow. It still has the paper backing, so it isn’t lying flat.

Do you like group projects?  What kind? Of the group approaches to quilting that I’ve tried, I like two and don’t like two.

I have tried mystery quilts three times.  Not for me.  I like to design and to modify designs.  Even with good instructions, it is hard to select fabrics for a project that is revealed only in small bits. I always wish at least one fabric had been placed differently.

I don’t think I’ll continue with the Bee beyond my initial commitment.  The good things are that it expands skills because someone else is doing the choosing. I’ve now done two paper pieced blocks, something I never choose on my own.  And I can imagine doing a block for someone and deciding to do a quilt from it for myself. But again, someone else is in control of the design. I had other projects that would have interested me more today.

Gathering around a quilting frame to hand quilt and visit is how I began quilting.  From observation of tops we quilted, from discussions of design, from looking at tops brought for show and tell, I gained knowledge about quilt design and technique. The only downsides are that it takes space and requires attendance at a specific time and place.

My favorite remains round robins.  They expand my horizons and I get design challenges.  And it is time to go work on the second round for my November robin.  After looking at the piece for a week, I now have a plan…

Check out design walls at Judy’s blog–some people did more than one block.

ETA link to free pattern on Craftsy


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