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Forest Path Stole re-beginnings

If all knitting is a combination of knit stitches and purl stitches, I should be able to knit any pattern, right? I started Faina Letoutchaia’s Forest Path Stole a year ago and got confused by the entrelac. I found instructions online and mastered entrelac by making a couple scarves.

Pink entrelac scarf

Entrelac looks like this

I was still stymied by the p5tog (for my non-knitter friends, that means make FIVE stitches into one stitch, getting one thread through five loops, and you thought just getting the thread through one loop without a hook was a challenge…).

Lily of the Valley stitch

p5tog looks like this

I practiced for a while then put it aside.  I just got it out again, prepared to spend big bucks for ebony needles which one friend said did the trick. However, I had previously bought Addi lace needles, but not yet tried them. I felt obligated to at least try them before using this wonderful reason–um, excuse–to buy ebony. And alas, they worked.

It also may have helped that I reread the instructions.  The previous row where the five stitches are made from one stitch was to be worked in the back loop. I had missed that detail and done it the routine way in the front loop.  Between the two, the needles and the correction, I am ready to move beyond practice soon. The left side of the sample is closer to what it should look like than the right, but a little more practice should have my knitting in shape.

To see others that have been finished you can search on Ravelry (link to right) or click here for a Flickr site. (Well I am having trouble making the link work, but use the link then search “forest path stole” and you will get there.) The target photo shows the three lace patterns in great detail.



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Scarf time

Autumn prompts me to get out unfinished scarves. First this pink one:

entrelac scarf

entrelac experiment

The bright pink yarn was left over from a Code Pink project, but seemed appropriate for a child scarf. I set it aside.  Then I found a pattern for a lace shawl (I can handle lace) that also was structured by entrelac (new to me).  I’ll post the name of the lace shawl when I get working on it.

It was clear I needed to learn, so I googled entrelac and found instructions and started. It really didn’t make sense till I had done several rows–it was just a lot of one line directions, and I had trouble keeping my place. Suddenly I saw the pattern of it all and could almost knit without directions.  Occasionally if I am attending more to talking than knitting I forget which end to attach the new knitting to and have to unknit a rectangle, but it is also an easy pattern to unknit.   All this to say if entrelac overwhelms you, keep at it.

So I had it all figured out–why waste it. Back to the scarf goal for the yarn…no reason not to make an entrelac scarf, so I did. It is actually finished now–I just forgot to take the photo with the fringe.

And the gray scarf:

gray scarf

I had heard of the knitting group at Sisters of the Road and one week headed out.  Only I left in such a hurry I forgot my knitting. So I was invited to look through donated yarns. I found this nubby lace weight yarn–unlabeled, so it is a mystery fiber, but I think it may be synthetic because it didn’t hold its blocked shape. I needed something to do while talking so opted for a stitch I’d used previously: yarn over, knit two together forever (except at the end of a row where the last stitch is knit-one).

I will certainly never purchase nubby lace yarn!  Keeping the tension loose enough for stitches to slip like they need to was a challenge.  And it is less than perfect–but I am not a perfectionist, and once worn somewhat gathered, its flaws will hide.

The scarves are in the Sisters of the Road auction; the remains of both yarns are in the knitting group stash, well were.  The pink was claimed immediately.  The gray yarn ball doesn’t look like any has been used, so there is enough for another scarf.


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