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Doll Quilt Progress and Improv Fabric Thoughts

Earlier in the week I started on doll quilts (here), and pondered colors for sashing and borders.  The decision became easy when I looked at the amount of each color that I had since I didn’t want to run to the store. Some of each.

One-heart block doll quilt

14 x 16

The 8 1/2 inch square block got aqua borders and a little lace.  About the time I was thinking the Victorian look deserved lace, I spotted some lace waiting to be put away.  Lace, zippers, ribbing–I have no logical place for such things that I rarely use but don’t want to throw away. Luckily the lace had not yet reached the “out of sight out of mind” corners.

four-heart-block top

16 x 16

The four heart blocks became this top. Instead of sashing, I framed them. Framing is a useful solution when each block is a variant of 6 1/2 x 6 1/2. My blocks are precise only when I am sewing for a group project and they have to match with others’ blocks.  It would have been nice to surround each heart block with lace, but serendipity goes only so far.  This was the best use for what I had found.

Just for fun, I estimated how much improv fabric I had made. In addition to the two quilt tops, I have three 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 pieces to make into variable star doll quilt tops–these will be for the regular guild project; I’ve decided two are enough for the ballet project. The total comes to about 1/3 yard–and not all the scraps have been used yet.

One of my friends says, “If you paid $9.99 for your fabric, you also paid $9.99 for your scraps.”  After spending my sewing time for one day stitching the small pieces together, I wondered if it were worth it after all.  If I were the time=money type, I’d have to say, No.  But I’m not. I enjoyed the process, and I like the effect.

It’s WIP Wednesday and I have a WIP; how rare is that! And a day later, Needle and Thread Thursday. Check out others’ projects–see links to the side.

ETA link to October’s NewFO.  The ballet quilts are finished, alas no photos. Now I am working on more doll and bear quilts for another guild project. (Nov 2).


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Doll quilts start

After thinking quilty thoughts during my vacation and after a week to resettle, it is time to get to projects, especially those with due dates. Both my guilds are making doll quilts for the Oregon Ballet to sell during performances of the Nutcracker, and the quilts are due at this month’s meetings.

Improv fabric

Improv fabric

When I mentioned ballet related doll quilts, a friend who was making a pink and yellow quilt offered her cutaway pieces. I like making improv fabric, so it was a good place to start.

How random are you when you make improv fabric? I find it hard to just grab and sew. I also wonder at what point to measure and trim. I hate to waste time making more than I need, but find the constant measuring annoying. I also get annoyed when a particularly good combination gets trimmed off in making the needed shape.

I’m thinking to make hearts and stars. Every child who takes ballet thinks about being a star, and hearts are always in favor.

heart quilt blocks

So I have some blocks made and need to decide on sashing (pink, yellow, or aqua). A larger heart block will get borders. And if I have time I’ll make some star blocks.

There are more doll quilts in my near future.  Members of my traditional quilt guild have been asked to fill a gap created by the death of a member who used to make 500 each year.  I plan to make five and hope to make ten. They will be due at the December meeting–that’s “plenty” of time, eh?

Check out what others have on their design walls.


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