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A “Little Quilt” for Guild

Traingles #1

16 x 17

This is the color scheme I had in mind when making sketches for the masterclass (one of three sketches shown on previous post). The assignment included that we do three value possibilities. It is a good thing because I might have missed the one that reverses dark and light. But meanwhile, I needed to make a little quilt for the guild raffle by tonight. I’d been thinking ever since last year’s, but no ideas pleased me till this one. So without waiting for instructor comment, I made this one. I’ll still make another for class and block it out by the 20th (if I get all my bindings and hanging sleeves finished for the quilt show). And I’ll use the dark background.

At guild tonight the “little quilt” chair announced that we had had 42 to offer last year (where we made about $700.00). But this year she has 69.  I might not have rushed to finish if I had known how many quilts had been given already, but I’m not sorry to have finished.

I can’t wait to see them all.

The only rule for the Little Quilts is that they be less than 20 inches on any side. They can be true miniatures, patchwork, applique, traditional or modern.

It works like this: Each quilt has a number and there is a baggie with the same number. People buy tickets (Ours are $2.00 each with reductions for multiple purchases.) They put their tickets into the baggie that corresponds with the quilt they want. The drawing comes in the last hours of the quilt show–a number is drawn for each quilt.

Technical detailsl. I didn’t try slash and insert. Instead I made paper templates. Remembering the lost inches on the previous Bridge Line quilt, I added 7/8 inch to the side legs of the triangles. Some were perfect, but most were too large.  This time instead of losing inches, I gained them. The drawing for the templates was for 15 1/2 x 15 1/2. Nothing like overcompensating. In the absence of a math formula, it is trial and error. Quilting was done with a walking foot.

I don’t love the lower left–I’ll be playing more with positioning and sizing that triangle.



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Quilt-As-You-Go Experimenting

It’s not easy to do a little free-motion quilting each day. I thought I’d practice on crib quilts, but when I put a crib quilt under my Featherweight, I don’t want to take it out till it is finished.  And that ties up the machine–usually four days. Now the 12.5 inch block is another matter. It can be finished in less than an hour even when doing a closely quilted design. So I’m working on blocks for Soy Amado.

First I looked for orphan blocks twelve inches or less from block lotto winnings and other swaps–the smaller blocks got additions to bring them up to 12.5. All total I have eleven. Three finished.

Cube Storm Quilting Design

This is Leah Day’s “Cube Storm” filler design. Well it started out to be. I ended up doing something between an angled echo/meander and her design. (I add links to Leah’s designs so you can see what I was trying for.)

Fire truck with ladders quilted

Leah calls this design “Josh’s Ladders,” and it seemed perfect for this fire truck block. I probably spend as much time browsing for design ideas as practicing. That is half the fun.

You know how they say to hide beginner quilting, use prints? Well it hides it all right. It even hides it when I am trying to echo or travel stitch. Maybe not a good idea for learning. But here is “Snake spines.”

Front of block

If you strain your eyes you can see the diagonal line of circles. And on the back you can see the rays.

Back of block

Mine got a little more wiggly than Leah’s instructions. Actually I”d forgotten the name of the design and started to think centipede and other crawly bug images as I quilted.

So far the stitch looks about the same on the back as on the front. And that’s good.

Linking up with Leah Day’s FMQ Project.

And for those of you who like linky parties, here is aother fun one–Val assigns themes and we link up old posts that relate to the theme. This week the themes are Batiks and quilt backs.

Val's Quilting Studio

Now it is time to go practice.



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Traditional Round Robin Quilted

Time flies. This round-robin quilt was started in May of 2012 (blogged here) by some members of the Sunshine online quilt guild. I received it back around August or September. It lay waiting for me to improve my machine quilting. I had done meandering in the past fairly successfully on a different sewing machine but was having trouble getting a good stitch now on my Featherweight.

Last summer I took a class with Barbara Schapel on Free Motion Quilting fillers. And I’ve been browsing Leah Day’s Free Motion Project as well as taking a couple of her classes on Craftsy.I have a stack of charity quilts to practice on (my quilting is good enough to hold them together, and the kids don’t care about the pattern glitches).

Over a month ago, I was ready to start a binge of quilting. However, all of my tops were at least one or two inches wider than the width of fabric. Sigh. Pieced backs are “in,” but it does make an extra step. So the top was put away again.

Finally I pieced a back, and this weekend I quilted it. In the center I used Leah Day’s River Path.  If you aren’t familiar with her site, go look at all the fillers that she demonstrates.

River path center quilting

(You’ll have to look at the half of the quilting that shows and Leah’s sample to get the idea of the design.  I took the photo at the same angle as others that show the quilting, but this is what I got.) The round-robin partners all had fabric to coordinate with the center moth print. Note the dragonflies to the side. And there are other butterflies coming up.

The first and fourth borders got Loopy Line–the dragonfly flight path in the print in the first border suggested it, and it seemed good to repeat it. Besides, it is fast.  The third border, with its distinct divisions, asked for a more blocky treatment, so I browsed some more and finally selected Rain Forest Leaf. Butterflies, dragonflies, and moths need leaves.
Corner quilting I plan to bind it in navy, and I will post a photo of the whole quilt then.


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