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Excursions With Logan

We took four excursions during my WI stay, three with Logan: Sherry-Butt houseBranches winery, Effigy Mounds, and Kickapoo Valley Reserve.

Although we got a few drops of rain on Sunday, it was mostly sunny. Logan patiently (relatively) waited while we sampled the local wines and bought one. Then he got to run and play. And work the crowd.

in the dandeions

With all those dandelions they should make dandelion wine, but it wasn’t one of the choices.  When the rain started he ran up to the patio where we were relaxing. There he greeted people at two tables repeatedly as only a two-year-old can. And he’d go to the door of the winery and wave at the customers waiting to taste.

at the winery

Maybe he is in training to be a salesman or politician. The rain didn’t last or get the grass too wet to play in so it was back to dandelions.

Memorial Day was rainy, but we had an inside back-up plan, the historic Sherry-Butt house.  Luckily it opened for the season on Memorial Day. Old furnishings and gadgets are fun to look at. On this tour we learned the origin of “sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite.”  Ropes instead of springs needed to be tight to provide a comfortable night’s sleep; mattresses made of straw could easily have bed bugs in them. I didn’t have my camera with me, but there are a few shots at the link as well as information about Jane of Vernon County. This didn’t seem to be a Logan thing, so he stayed home and napped.

Effigy Mounds are near (1 1/2 hour drive) in Iowa. I’ve had a fascination with the Mound Builder prehistoric culture since living in Ohio and seeing Serpent Mound. Most of the mounds are conical or rectangular; the animal shaped ones seem more special.  At Effigy most animal mounds are bears, but there are a couple birds. And lots of Conical, Linear and mixed. They are on the top of a ridge along the Mississippi–a memorial meant to last needs to be out of flood danger. So the trail began with a 400 foot elevation.  After that it leveled out.

logan in back pack

Traveling in style

This is the way to do elevation. And maybe the rest of the hike. Always be prepared.

At Little Bear mound

The photo is by the sign because otherwise it looks like more grass. One would have to be in a helicopter to really see the shape.  It is outlined with a couple rows of stones to help visualize the bear. We declared the 3-mile hike enough; to see more bears and the birds would have taken four more miles. The drive home was perfect for nap time.

The next Sunday was sunny, so we headed out to the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. The land had been purchased for a dam that had been abandoned; it was turned into preservation/recreation land. We hiked on what had been old State Route 131. Nice and easy and level.

walking a level path

So Logan started out walking and exploring. Only at the end did he need the stroller.  It was not a loop, so we had to figure out when we were half tired.  After the walk, we ate a picnic.

Logan and sandwich

Nothing quite like PB and J. But it does make one thirsty.


In between excursions was more book reading, CD listening (favorite of the day was Simon and Garfunkel–Logan knows which is which, even in an old one where Simon has long hair and mustache), and library story times..

I’m home now after having enjoyed most of a 42 hour train ride.  My photos through train windows are not worth sharing; however, some will do for quilt color inspiration.

Soon to be returned to regular quilt programing.



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