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Christmas Lights, Crale House

It took four years to learn of this light display half a mile from where I live. I’d heard of the Christmas Ship Parade and gotten there twice. I’d heard of Peacock Lane, and finally got there this year. Then I heard of Crale House.┬áThe linked article says their December electric bill is $500.00, and that was two years ago. My first visit was Christmas Eve, but light rain hurried us through a bit. A clear night tonight prompted a second visit. This display demands you get out of the car.


Arches cover the sidewalk along the two lots that are lit up.

gingerbread house Santa’s reindeer fly above the gingerbread house. Several other exhibits lined the fence, but all my photos did not turn out. The exhibit goes deep into this side lot where one path leads closer to the nativity.


Another path leads to the front of the house where there are exhibits in two picture windows. One has animated bears and the other a village.

Train in WindowThe train was going round and round; there was a figure pulling a sled and skiers and a ski lift in motion. (Apologies for the flash glare in the glass.)

This window brought back memories of my grandma’s Christmas tree that always had a little train traveling around the village under it.







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