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Child “Labor”

With a condo for sale, we have to keep it clean and tidy.

baby with broom


Sweeping looks like so much fun and sounds so interesting. Let’s hope the interest continues after he grows a bit.

Anyone moving to Chicago? Here is a cool condo. There is a quilt I made on the bed in the bedroom photo.





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More Baby Photos and Antics

I love this age  (16 mos) where the child is figuring out the world and language.

Problem Solving 101: Logan dragged a toy chest across the room so he could climb on it to climb onto the coffee table. Unfortunately he wasn’t very rewarded as coffee table is off limits.

Game Rules 101: We were playing with a medium sized ball, a rudimentary version of Catch.  I started to say “Logan’s turn; Grandma’s turn.” Soon he switched to his tennis ball. Then he maneuvered to a different chair and asked for help getting up, ball still in hand. Then he made it clear he wanted to keep playing our version of Catch. And I remembered that we had used that ball in that chair yesterday when I “invented” the game.

I would like to get more action shots, but as soon as he is aware of the camera, he begins to pose. So I am lucky to get one. One adventure was to climb from a ledge in the fire place to a chest to the window sill where he could reach the rod that opens and closes the venetian shades. He was so proud we let him continue for a while.

Baby at windowPosing soon began.

Posing at windowOnly problem with this game is that when he crawled away, there was a big paint chip on his foot. We couldn’t think of anything to put on the sill that would protect the paint but not cause him to slip, so we moved the chest. Now he heads there and gets as far as foot on brick ledge, then looks very puzzled.

It helped that a play mat had arrived and he could help unpack it. Distraction works wonders (sometimes).

opening play matThe one and only busy shot.  Next came the posing.

ABC poseNotice his hands.  He was signing, “More.” I have learned I can distract him when he is fussy with the camera–each photo is followed with him signing, “More.” It is a good thing we have digital cameras these days.

And then you have heard the saying, “You have to hold your mouth right.” He is demonstrating.

That tongue is making a difference in the success of the task at hand!

That tongue is making a difference in the success of the task at hand!

Now to see what tomorrow brings.




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At the Exploratorium

I wasn’t on this excursion, but I got the photos. I really enjoy watching baby intense interest, whether IRL or by photo.

The Exploratorium is a great concept for the little ones. I love the water proof smocks provided so that the kids can climb the steps and dip their hands in the water. Logan did too.


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A Baby Interlude

No quilting here; just a few photos of my 16 month old grandson.

He lives one block from one park and 3 blocks from a park by Lake Michigan.We visited both.
Sometimes his play is serious business; other times it is a lot of fun.


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Grandbaby Visit

Little Logan’s first Christmas and first visit to Portland are over. A lot can happen in a week. He made progress toward walking but still holds on to travel. Early in the visit he still mostly crawled to move and pulled up to practice or to play.

crawling babyNote the fashion statement for the Pacific Northwest–couldn’t appear without a plaid flannel shirt!

standing baby

At first it took two hands for standing, and one thing at a time was the MO. Gradually he got braver.

pulling out CDs

He kept busy for a day or so “organizing” my CD collection. Below he is leaning pretty heavily on the one elbow, though he is using the other hand to move things.

By the end of the week he crawled only if there was no furniture to hold onto and moved quite a bit faster with the holding-on walking. Sometimes he was barely holding on, but was not quite ready to let go. It won’t be long.

Christmas outfitsHis Christmas pajamas said, “Santa’s Little Helper.” His aunt was not to be outdone with her “I believe in Santa” shirt.

Opening presents was fun, as was playing with the wrapping paper.

opening presentsWe tried a few outings.

To Posie’s Coffee Shop

at coffee shopUndaunted, he chewed away at the cereal Os while we sipped lattes and ate sweets.

To Lan Su Chinese Garden where he enjoyed it his way.

playing with leafAnd was Mr. Sociable at the tearoom.

tea house poseI am sure that if we understood baby talk, we too would have gotten the joke. He charmed the waitress and worked till the people at nearby tables acknowledged him.

And on the last evening he joined us for dinner at Mee Sen Thai restaurant.

turtleneck shirt at Thai restaurant

When wearing a black turtleneck shirt, one must be more serious.

In a couple weeks he will be a year old; soon he will have to do something spectacular to get the attention he can get these days just by being himself.


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Baby insight

In getting ready for a visit from my 11 month old grandson, I enjoyed this wish list (Click title above to access list)! Sewing is put away till after the holidays–See you in January, unless I can’t resist posting baby pictures.


December 15, 2013 · 9:28 am

Baby Watching

I’m not a proud Grandma, of course not. 🙂

heading to the CDs

Are you watching?

Doesn’t he have a guilty look? Even though he is allowed to play with the CDs. Busy boy. This photo was taken before he recognized my camera as a camera (his mother takes photos with her phone). Once he recognized it, he turned on the ham personality.

Logan eating solids


I wanted a photo of the cute way he grabs the spoon and gets it to his mouth. All I got was a pose.

Logan on swingNice to be so close to a park; swinging is an almost daily ritual.

Next week I’ll return home and get back to quilting.


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