“First” Border SAHRR

On Monday the prompt arrived for the Stay At Home Round Robin’s first border. (Rosanne and Sue’s instructions and linky here ) In my title “first” is in quotation marks because it is my second border. I showed the orphan block that I used for a starter here. I knew I needed a mix of backgrounds somehow, since I was using a block from an exchange and didn’t have the same background fabric to add to it. Nor did I have enough of any one off-white to do the whole. I had decided on a row of squares in various creams and tans,then got the idea to extend the tail with one brown square in each row. I waited till I saw the prompt to see if I could combine my idea with the it; I couldn’t. So I added my rows.

It’s 16 x 16 here. It doesn’t show every off-white that I’ll be using, but it gives the idea of a mix. Too bad I can’t repeat that orange and brown print somewhere later on; mixed oranges and rusts will have to do. I haven’t dug into those fabrics yet because they are deeper down than the neutrals were.

The next row will use the spools of the prompt to add some more neutrals; they will give me a place to use my slightly darker neutrals. Again, a mix.

Here is the first layout.

I was deciding two things: to pair the two spools with the same fabric or different? to place them the same way or different? I’d made two per side for both design reasons and time reasons. I’d seen enough modern quilts to know that partial rows were an option, as is asymmetry. So far , the center is leading me to symmetry. As a design I was thinking of kite tails. Though looking at the piece the image of a juggler comes more readily to mind. Anyway, I made my decision and sewed it up.

Now it is 22 x 22, and the spools are 3-inch blocks. I’d considered 1 1/2-inch blocks, but the proportion didn’t seem right. (I’m not afraid of 1/2-inch squares.) I await the next clue.



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10 responses to ““First” Border SAHRR

  1. The subtle asymmetrical bow ties give you a great opportunity to extend lines out from the pinwheel in future borders.

  2. I see a juggler also. I like your modern quilt style sensibilities.

  3. Hi Claire! I definitely see the juggler image in your center block, and I adore the placement of your spool blocks. I think it’s a fun mix of neutrals throughout the whole piece. It’s doubtful that anyone will notice that the exact orange and brown fabrics aren’t used again in future blocks. I’m really looking forward to seeing your next round. Happy Friday to you! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I think you made a great decision on the layout. That is a fabulous block, it would make a nice pillow (for those of us not up to making a whole quilt, ha!) 🙂
    I like the juggler effect!

  5. I like that juggler effect, too! And the muted spools really adds a fun twist. Well done!

  6. Susan Nixon

    Oh my gosh, Claire, I love it! This is just magnificent. What great decisions. Thanks for letting me know the batting arrived. It was a little sooner than I expected.

  7. Carla

    I love where you are going with this, Claire. Your modern take on the spool block border is perfect. I do see the Juggler, but it is a great way to add movement. You make me want to start mine over. Great start!

  8. I like your choice of neutrals to use for your spool blocks! They blend in nicely so your pinwheel is the focus!

  9. I like those subtle spools!

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