It’s Time to Quilt

What was once “plenty of time” is now “crunch time.” I made the top back in July. So now the birthday is a couple weeks away, and I’ve pieced the back today. It’s bigger than I have made for a while and doesn’t fit on my design bed. Or on available floor for that matter. So I’ll be experimenting with a roll up method I’ve read about.

I did get baseball and car fabric for pillowcases to acknowledge new interests since I had made the top.

The car fabric is the wrong colorway, but it is the only car fabric I could find. Guess it will mostly be hidden, so it won’t really matter. I’ll be curious to see if the cars are recognizable, and if grandson knows them.

Although I’d not used the baseball fabric in the front, I did use it in the back.

And here’s the finished back.

I didn’t have a place where I could get far enough away to show the whole thing, but you get the idea. By the time I added the extra around the edges, it seems huge. It will be a bit of a challenge to quilt it on my Featherweight, but it isn’t queen size. And Christna Carmeli assures me she has done a queen on hers. This time you can see that the flaming soccer balls are not the ghosts they looked like in the earlier post. The music fabric could be more clear, so here it is.

And the cat fabric is in honor of the family kitty, named Hairiette. (She’s a very fluffy long-hair.). White is not serviceable color, though. And I already got to test the old saying about saliva removing blood. I’d stuck myself on a pin while messing with the big pieces and not noticed it till blood appeared on the white. It took a bit of rubbing with a cotton ball, but it worked! (I’ve heard that the spit and blood have to be from the same person; don’t know if that is true or not.)

I really hate working with the large pieces. Maybe that is why so many tops have a long wait for their finishes.



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8 responses to “It’s Time to Quilt

  1. Susan Nixon

    I know it seems small, and I am not sure I’d want to do something big on a FW, either, but persistence pays off! Best of luck. The roll up method does work.

  2. Those big projects, often taken on to make quilts for loved ones, seem to be slogs, and you have to finish them since they’re gifts. I wish you well on the quilting, and hope you plan for a simple design.

  3. My go-to for blood spots is hydrogen peroxide. Good luck with your quilting, I admire your determination to complete it on a featherweight sewing machine.

  4. What a wonderful gift this will be! Lucky Logan!

  5. I don’t know if we’re using the same roll-up method (involving broomsticks threaded through pool noodles), but I know mine works so I hope yours does too! Good luck with the quilting 😊 Oh, and the spit/blood thing? Spit has digestive enzymes, but the blood has to be fresh rather than hours old, and not too big.

  6. OMG! I can’t believe you’re going to quilt a bed quilt on a featherweight! I did a twin size on my Bernina years ago and have paid someone to quilt for me since. It’s cheaper than surgery on my hands or shoulders! Good luck, and I look forward to seeing the result.

  7. Nothing like “crunch time” – why do we do this to ourselves, ha! Wishing you luck for quick finishing on your quilting!

  8. Congratulations on finishing a big quilt. What are prints for except to”do the work”.

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