Fall at the Chinese Garden

I’ve not gotten a lot of use out of my membership this year. Most summer days were too hot for a visit. Then the rains came. But today was sunny though in the chilly side with temperatures in the 40s as 12 mph winds. Still, the garden is fairly sheltered from the wind.

There wasn’t as much fall color as I had hoped. My neighborhood has some bright oranges, yellows and reds. But there was some.

When your plants don’t flower, have a mum show. There were pots of full sized mums and miniature ones. “Penji” I think they are called in China. I do know they aren’t called “bonsai.”

But the show stealer was the tiger made of mostly mums to celebrate the year of the tiger. Personally I thought he looked pretty tame.



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3 responses to “Fall at the Chinese Garden

  1. Thank you! I saw this morning that you had posted about the garden, but I wasn’t feeling great, so just now made it over to see. Paul bought me a red and yellow mum, like the yellow ones here pictured, and it’s my favorite one. I hope it comes back next year. Sometimes they do. The tiger is wonderful.

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