50% Scrap Happy

You’ve seen this top before with its mix of scraps and yardage–though the yardage is from my stash and old enough to be considered scrap. 🙂 What is new is that I’ve finally started to quilt it.

What prompted the quilting finally was an online class by Christina Cameli, Finding Your Flow. We were supposed to have samples pinned to practice on. I didn’t. But this quilt sandwich was pinned, and I’d been puzzling for a long time on how to quilt it. And while I don’t skimp on materials for donation quilts, I also don’t figure that recipients will care if a quilting design isn’t perfect–especially children.

Thus this seemed a good candidate for something free flowing, apart from my wanting to accent the Ts. By sketching, I first figured how to get the pebble-T into 8 T-blocks with continuous stitching, and the rest is a beginning at combining like Christina does. It seems to me that the technique would be wasted on quilting made up of many prints, but I rather like it on these solids and near solids.

The class and a book, Free Motion Combinations, derived from Covid-19 activities. Every morning at 8 am Christina did an Instagram video of a different motif, sometimes combining them. Once I’d learned about it, I watched almost every morning. I thought I would remember the motifs, but I ended up with a repertoire of about a dozen at most, so bought the book. For people who like meandering, this covers space equally easily.

For people interested in scrappy, the solids here are scraps; the batiks ancient yardage from my stash. It you are further interested in what people do with scraps, check out Kate’s blog where on the 15th of each month she showcases her scrappy ideas and links to other Scrap Happy folk. You might also enjoy Cynthia’s Oh Scrap! blog and link party, here.

Here is a photo of the top for those new to the blog who want to see the whole top.


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9 responses to “50% Scrap Happy

  1. “Old enough to be considered as scrap.” Does that apply to people as well as fabric?

  2. I love how the textural dimension adds so much to those lovely colours.

  3. My first venture into free motion quilting was with one of Cristina’s Craftsy tutorials. She is delightful. Your meandering quilting is looking good!

  4. Lovely work, and a good plan to use the the languishing quilt sandwich for your practice quilting. Someone will be so happy to receive it!

  5. Looking great! When you do your own quilting, it´s all your decision and nothing is wrong! Just go for it!!!

  6. I practice a lot of techniques on donation quilts, too. And I’m glad to see somebody else who calls them “donation quilts” instead of “charity quilts”. It’s just one of my bugs.

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