“Do The Work” Almost Finished

All that is left to do is a little more embroidery on the big block and to attach a hanging sleeve. And maybe get a photo in better light. We’ll see if the sun cooperates tomorrow. But I couldn’t wait. 🙂 (Premature celebration.)

The dark colors are much darker than the flash allowed them to be. I tried a photo without flash, but it was as much too dark as this is too light. I used a walking foot to do the grid quilting. There are three curves rows of big stitch–a red on each side of the peach.. I’d wanted the red to be subtle, but I did want it to show more than it does. Here is a detailed views that shows one side a bit better.

History of the quilt starts here


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7 responses to ““Do The Work” Almost Finished

  1. mlmcspadden

    love it!

  2. bettystitch

    It is good to see your interpretation. Some days it feels as though many important (to me) doors will never reopen. I try to remain flexible.

  3. I love that you combined hand stitching with machine quilting. 🙂

  4. Sue Goecker

    Just beautiful, rich colors.

  5. The way the light plays on the different surface textures is really interesting. Is it that different under natural light, or has the flash emphasised the shine on some of them?

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