Fourth–and last–Border

The official name of this project is “Make it up as you go.” I mention that because I may have to remember it later.:-)

I left off after the third border (here), got two sides of the fourth finished last month,

and got my act together to finish the last two today. I find it interesting that I considered the third border fiddly but not this one with all its little pieces. All I can figure is it’s the difference between working with triangles and squares. I may have liked it better before the forth border. But I have felt that way after other borders were half finished, so it may be a pattern. Here is the full fourth.

I do like it a little better finished, but I’m not thrilled. My original thought had been 1) I wanted a small amount of red, not the big pieces of borders 2 and 3 and 2) the zigzag pattern would relate to the big while the small squares would relate to the center. Well sort of. The zigzag doesn’t look as big in the real as it did ] in my head. I wonder if that is partly because of the widely varied shades of the red scraps? They look bigger when I squint at it. This was one of the two suggested borders in the guild project. In fact I had pictured something like it but not done the math yet, so it was nice to have the math done for me.

The reds are from scraps. As I recall,when I originally made the center HSTs I realized that when you cut batiks up they no longer look like wonderful combinations, but like different fabrics! Since they were varied in the center, I thought to vary them along with other reds at the edge. Most likely I’ll add a narrow strip of the cream background to float the fourth border and bind it in the navy. My overall feeling is that this quilt remains separate parts instead of becoming a unified whole. I suppose that is mostly because of the separate colors of the middle two rows and the matching narrow strips. Any other thoughts as to why?

For my serious scrappy work, I made another hat. Someday that unending supply of yarn ends will be gone. Sigh.

If you like to see what others are doing with scraps, check out Kate’s blog (here) for a list of people who often work with scraps and post near the 15th of the month.

My other accomplishment for the month (plus reading a lot of books) was finally hanging a wall hanging.

Back when I made the quilt and took its picture on the sofa under the watercolor, I noticed they went together. Till then I’d not hung any quilts because they just didn’t go with the other art I’d purchased over the years at a local art festival. So I was happy to have one that worked. I dawdled over making hanging stuff and finally asked my daughter’s partner if he would. It was more work than I realized I was asking for, so I’ll have to think of something nice to do in return



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11 responses to “Fourth–and last–Border

  1. I do like the ‘Make It Up…’ quilt very much. I must confess to absolutely loving the red, which I find makes it zing.

  2. I like the red too, especially the wee red corners! I think the black and white triangles are what divides the quilt into sections for me, but that isn’t a bad thing…and don’t forget that a quilt on a bed looks different from a quilt on a wall…speaking of which, well done on getting help with the hanging, it looks great!

  3. Susan Nixon

    How nice to have help with making the hanging stuff. That looks great there. I like the 4th border, but it is bold, and you usually aren’t that outspoken with the quilt colors.

  4. like others, I like the red, it moves the piece to a special statis, the little corners are like exclamation marks.

  5. The colors in your quilt work well, including the red! My quilts seldom turn out the way I thought they would originally, but I think that’s part of the process.

  6. I think your “medallion quilt” is coming along great!

  7. Bear

    Wow, that quilt is gorgeous! 🙂 ❤

  8. First the wallhanging looks amazing above the sofa! And next – that medallion quilt is pure yumminess – wow! I just find it so visually pleasing. I do have a whole bunch of scraps packaged together for a medallion quilt someday! Love how you recycle yarn ends!

  9. Karen Griggs

    Re: “MAKE it up” quilt. Outstanding design. I have never seen such effective borders. They give the quilt cohesion and unity….I’m at a loss for words. It is very, very good.

  10. Love how you used your scraps!

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