Another Border and Then Some

The third border has taken a long time. First it is more fiddly (four seams and a trim for each of 48 blocks) so I stalled. Then I decided to cut the pieces for border four before sewing border three because I’d run out of leaders/enders with these two blocks.

The four-patch blocks were mindless enough, but making a patterned block got too fiddly to do much more of it as leader/ender. Since border four was made up of 60 16-patch one-inch square blocks (well a little cheating as some are 1 x 2 inch rectangles), that seemed to have mindless potential. So cut I did. Then it was so hypnotic that instead of making one 2-patch, I made all 120. Next time I needed an ender I made 60 4-patch blocks. But have no fear, mindlessness remains.

But finally border three got finished. I’m feeling ambivalent about it.The dark navy border felt finished. I almost pondered stopping and making a lap quilt. But I wanted to play the guild game, so continued on.This border follows the suggestion exactly. The only change I made was to continue with 1-inch “resting” borders instead of 2-inch ones.

My thinking in planning the colors was navy in the middle to sort of echo the navy in the middle of one block in the center Turkey-in-the-Straw block. Maybe it will have that effect more after the fourth border is added. Stay tuned.


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7 responses to “Another Border and Then Some

  1. Great work on the third border!

  2. This quilt is going to be spectacular. I do hope you carry on, because I think each border adds something to the whole in terms of visual richness.

  3. Your quilt is lovely, but you have reminded me why I don’t make medallion quilts!

  4. Beautiful quilt! Love the blocks too, and all those small squares.

  5. Susan Nixon

    I think it already has the effect of pulling that dark out of the center shadows a little. That is just lovely all the way around. I like medallion quilts, and this one is a beauty.

  6. That is so gorgeous! I have a medallion quilt to make sitting in a bag with all the sections I’ve completed (it is going to be an improvisational medallion) and seeing your piece makes me want to go work on it now!

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