Another Beginning

So the T Quilt doesn’t have a deadline after all. (Plans had changed when I wasn’t paying attention. ) There is no rush for the baby quilt. What better time than now to start something new?

Stretching Art and Tradition is coming up early next year. This year’s entry is being held to show next year, but we have also been given a theme for next year: When One Door Closes. (Wonder where that came from. )

This time the size requirement has changed to 24 inches by 36. A little easier than the old 18 x 36. So I started thinking. As you will remember, I prefer more abstract design, and that makes following a theme sometimes challenging. Also I have some Japanese kimono silk that I’d like to use; working with silk would be the new technique.

The first idea I had was an overall 9-patch structure composed of 9 9-patch blocks, each adding one more light square (well, rectangle and an odd size at that).

The idea turned out to be more interesting conceptually than visually. So I shifted to a grid of 4-inch squares with a dark to light movement. First try

I plan all the light squares to be the silk with fabric manipulation for variety and the dark to be one shade of dark, varied textures (velvet, cotton, satin, corduroy) and maybe different close hues ( brown, purple, black).

Not sure I like the clump of four, though the idea was to have it reappear after being blocked. Again the visual interest may not equal the conceptual. So I tried again.

I’m liking it better but not committed to it. Stay tuned.



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6 responses to “Another Beginning

  1. Silk will work so well for light rising out of the darkness. I love the way it shimmers. Do you have the fabric already in hand, or will you be shopping for it?

    • A few years ago—well more like a dozen—my daughter spent three years in Japan and asked if I wanted some used kimono silk. I said ,”Sure,” and expected a fat quarter or a yard. She gave me a small bolt. At one pount I was thinking crazy quilt, but decided that wouldn’t feature the fabric enough and kept thinking.

  2. Moira

    Glad someone has an idea of what they want to do for the challenge….I sure don’t. of course, i’m still sewing like a mad woman on commissioned stuff so there is that little hindrance. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. I shall wait with interest to see what you decide on in the end. A friend who works with silk on a regular basis say a very light spritz of starch really helps with handling, but you probably already know how yours will behave.

  4. Great idea to use blacks of various textures. I look forward to seeing the piece.

  5. Those designs would be cool with kimono silk!

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