T-for-Terry Top and Back

And the top is finished.

You can hardly tell that the final border is made of squares, and that was the plan. If there had been enough fabric it would have been a plain strip of the same batik that is in the center block.

I like the narrow brown border, but it didn’t solve the balance issue. And I see why not. The area between the two narrow borders functions visually as a unit. Even though that had been my intent, I’d not made the next step to think balance. Rather I’d used the 2, 3, 4 inch units to figure the next. (Interestingly, I’d treated the middle two as one, but I didn’t carry that concept through. ) So a 9-inch outer border might have worked, or a 6 if I had had enough fabric. And a use for a larger quilt. I was aiming for something near 40 x 60, and it is 46 x 64. ( Do I get extra credit for a palindrome measurement?)

Put on your sunglasses for the back. Are you ready?

The bright is the rest of the fabric in the alternating squares of the final border on the front. When I use only 2 fabrics on a back and have enough fabric, I like to use the “zipper” strip to join them. I think it looks more like I designed it than that I ran out of fabric. And it doesn’t add much construction time.

Tomorrow the quilt gets sandwiched.



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9 responses to “T-for-Terry Top and Back

  1. A very satisfying resolution and a very good looking quilt. I wouldn’t have thought of pairing pink and brown, myself, but it really works.

    • In the past some friends of mine marketed fat quarters (pink, brown, cream or tan) folded and rolled like a cinnamon roll, on a lace doily and paper plate and wrapped in plastic wrap for a low cal treat. May be where I got the idea. Still have a start of another medallion from one in my UFOs.

  2. Love the zipper idea for the back! The whole piece looks great 🙂

  3. I think this quilt is very successful. Sometimes you have to break the rules to express yourself adequately.

  4. Susan Nixon

    That is a beautiful quilt. I like that some parts come forward and some parts recede.

  5. Cher

    I really think this top came out gorgeous – I have always thought pink and brown go well together. well done!

  6. That quilt came out wonderful! You do get extra credit for the palindrome measurement – we just have to run it through the “Palindrome Measurement Society” for final approval 😉

  7. I’m going to remember that “zipper seam”. It’s a great design element!

  8. Betty Colburn

    Thank you for telling us about being inspired by Christina’s class and book. I would like to get some of my UFO tops quilted.I have only been doing small stuff for the past two years.

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