T-Quilt Progress

Most of my time at the virtual retreat was spent on the HSTs for the T-for-Terry quilt last worked on in May ( https://knitnkwilt.wordpress.com/2020/05/25/back-to-the-t-for-terry-quilt/ )

T-for Terry

Making and trimming HSTs is boring, so it is a good task for working while chatting. You can see the numbers weren’t right for the top and bottom. I tried to solve that with the center square. Looks kinda clunky. Then I got an idea.

A 1 x 2 flying-goose block to the rescue. (Once I’d thought of it, I wondered why it took so long—it seemed so obvious!)

For the remainder, Plan A was two more 4-inch borders, but the challenge is the measurements don’t divide by 4 evenly. Normally a 1-inch spacer would do the trick, but that is not the look I want. Pondering possibilities.


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5 responses to “T-Quilt Progress

  1. Oh, I love this solution! I hope I remember it when I need it some time in the future, because it’s really just the Right Thing 🙂

  2. That is very, very clever. Well done!

  3. Moira

    Love the border and clever use of the mini flying geese!

  4. That was a great rescue/solution!

  5. Very interesting so far! Sometimes challenges lead to nice discoveries 🙂

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