Another Hat and a Little Lite Reading

Are you tired of hats yet? They are so mindless that they are good to work on while listening to podcasts, my new obsession. Unlike many of my friends, I cannot listen while piecing or machine quilting, so sewing is on pause. Lots of time before the new Stretching Art is due. The woman being honored by the T quilts has died, so a push to finish for her to see it is gone, and the anniversary it commemorates is September. Leaves me free to dawdle.

So, the hat.

Here it is open. And I got the reversible cuffs right. I had to frog the first one though because I had waited too long to start it.

And here are the two options.

And I still have oodles of leftover yarn.

ETA: To get back to the Scrap Happy blogs, visit Tall Tales from Chiconia.

For lite reading I turned to mysteries. I’d read many Comissario Brunetti mysteries in the past, but decided to read them in order. So reread the first.

It had been long enough that I had forgotten all details except one, which made it an interesting read. I’ll have to wait for the second to be available.

My library is reopening slowly. Holds are now being processed with pick up by appointment. However, at the start of shut down, all due dates were pushed to July 15, so books on hold are not moving as quickly as usual.

No danger of running out of books though. I still have that stack I own that keep being put off so I can read those with due dates.

Due dates will be less of an issue in the future. The library has moved to a no fine system! The will automatically renew books up to 10 times–that so as not to disadvantage readers without internet access. Books with holds are, of course, an exception.


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4 responses to “Another Hat and a Little Lite Reading

  1. I can piece or quilt while listening to podcasts but I think the listening slows me down a bit. I don’t mind though since it’s really one of the few moments I have time to listen to a podcast.

    Not really light reading, but have you read “Salvage the bones” by Jesmyn Ward? I have almost finished and think it is very good. I think it’s a story you will probably appreciate as well. It’s a Katrina novel that takes place mostly in the 10 days before the hurricane hit. Very well written, very visual descriptions. This book was first published in 2011 and I am definitely going to order her other books soon.

  2. I am not tired of hats, especially a two-for-one hat – a great way to use up scraps too, genius in fact. I am sorry about your quilting friend.

  3. I like Comissario Brunetti, too. And your hats are fun!

  4. Susan Nixon

    The hat is great! At least you are doing something useful. I am not. My branch library was on the re-open list last Friday. 8 had already been opened a month ago. I made a mistake and kept renewing 3 books I’d turned in, because they were still on the list. So now they are lost in the system. =P It’ll get sorted out eventually, though. I find I only have patience for reading one type of book. I started something I think I would normally have liked, but I couldn’t get into it.

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