The Stars Are Out Again

After a long break (last touched in December), I worked on the Irish Star quilt along (button in side bar). It is more a quilt echo along now. WeddingDressBlue has moved on to another very interesting tutorial/quilt along.

1 stars

It is a nice change from the recent improv art project to do some repetitive chain piecing. There are things I like (and dislike) about each approach; moving among approaches smooths my interests out.

Now the plan had been to sort and put fabric away before starting a new project. Ah, but this isn’t a new project. (Rationalizing is one of my strong points.) I’d started on a stack on the table and these were at the bottom and just irresistible.  I also need to oil the machine and change the needle before I sew much more. Maybe tomorrow.

Now I have only four stars to go before I can plan the layout–my favorite part! This will be a good thing to do on one day of social distancing–now become stay-at-home. I really want to have time to sew all the parts together once it is lain out.


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8 responses to “The Stars Are Out Again

  1. Like those Irish Stars a lot; the cornerstone really ups the appeal from just another star block.

  2. Sometimes it is nice to just work on something different once in a while. Then finishing a WIPs is even better

  3. I confess my idea of repetitive sewing is to mash together all my saved scraps to make bigger pieces of fabric. As I learned with my recent attempts to make a mask I’ve become unused to following patterns. Hope you get your stars moved along to layout and then top completion.

  4. Pretty stars, love the corners!

  5. mlmcspadden

    Those look great!

  6. Only FOUR to go?! I am so excited to see your version. YAY!

  7. This looks like a good stay-at-home project. One of the things I like about shelter-in-place is the opportunity to quilt without guilt 🙂

  8. Nice stars! I currently have improv burnout and I plan to work on some traditional style patterns for a while…I think… 🙂

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