F2F Top Finished

And the top is finished, just in time for the guild meeting. I asked a friend to take a photo during show ‘n tell.

1 F2F top cropped

You’ll have to imagine the strip of border at the bottom; it had to be cropped out to remove a head of the person in front of the photographer. Of course I see better places for some of the blocks–that is always the way with a sampler quilt. There is no perfect arrangement. I do like the color of the sashing/border.

The Sunny Lanes block (upper right) is one I made for everyone; here is the post where I showed it in each color way. Meanwhile, here is the post on this top’s beginning. Yep, top finished over the weekend and in two consecutive posts. It is enjoyable,  how quickly a quilt top goes together when the blocks are already made (never mind that I’ve had the blocks since 2016).

I think I’ve mentioned before that blocks came from US, France, UK, and Australia. Here is a fun location-specific print with a kangaroo crossing sign:

1 F2F oz print

For next month, the guild is requesting male-themed throw tops. I think I’ll work on Irish Stars first.

Tomorrow (15th) is scrap happy day. I’d guess some of these blocks were made from scraps–when making three, it is a good use for small amounts of fabric. I know there are scraps in my three.  And you will find a link here to other scrappy projects.

I’m also linking to the Clever ChameleonTuesday Colour Linky party.




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12 responses to “F2F Top Finished

  1. It looks great! What colors do you think you’ll use for male-themed? I always think of blues and browns, even though my DH loves bright colors. Hm.

    • Actually I use the term very loosely (my guild may disagree, LOL). I mostly avoid obviously (to us in the US) female colors (pinks in particular) and themes (flowery, dishes, fashion). When I have sports prints or car prints or map prints, I use them. For children I make ship blocks and such. I consider a scrap quilt to be male themed.

  2. mlmcspadden

    Your F2F quilt looks great!

  3. mlmcspadden

    And I should have said that one of the blocks in there really catches my attention……hmmmm

  4. It looks fantastic. Well done…

  5. Such a good, robust colour scheme. I agree, F2F blocks do make great scrap-munchers. Must get round to starting another session!

  6. Susan Nixon

    Looks great! What a nice top to offer up to the guild.

  7. It came out wonderful, just wonderful!

  8. So fun to spot the blocks I made! It turned out great, I am sure someone will be happy to receive it. I also still need to complete my top with the blocks from that F2F round…

  9. That was a good color choice for the sashing! This looks wonderful. Kudos on finally getting the blocks set into a quilt top!

  10. This quilt top is great. The colours remind me very strongly of the Australian bush and outback!

  11. Ah I thought I had commented but I had not, alas. The quilt top came out wonderful. I love the palette!

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