4 Stars–and Not a Book Review

When I once said I wasn’t quilting because I was reading, one of my friends chided me for not doing both. Sounded reasonable, so I tried. Yesterday I planned to read a bit then sew.  Nope. Too easy to get into one-more-chapter mode. Today I tried sewing first. Has potential (unless a due date at library looms).

So I made four stars for the Irish Stars #2 quilt. (You are not surprised that I am working on a top instead of the sandwich pinning, are you?)

1 4 stars

I guess my reading attention span is longer than my sewing span because I stopped for lunch then pulled out my book. But not before laying out a little sample of finished look.

1 star layout

I explained earlier (here) why the alternating square blocks are still in strips. (I will admit to being surprised that is has been on the back burner since April. Old blog posts keep me honest.) Mine is the 2 1/2-inch square version.  Deanna, of Wedding Dress Blue, made the 1 1/2-inch square version, and it is her header photo (here); she also has a tab for the quilt along where the tutorial can be found.

Should take a couple days to finish the stars (depending on how interesting the reading), then out comes the design bed for lots of fun layout pondering and moving of pieces. Then sewing real fast so I can have a living room again.



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6 responses to “4 Stars–and Not a Book Review

  1. I’ve been combining my reading and quilting by listening to audiobooks while I sew. Works like a charm! And the library has enough audiobooks to keep me busy for years and years. 8)

  2. Susan Nixon

    Yes, I made the 2.5 version, too. Although I like the border I have planned out, I don’t like all the time it will take me to make it, so I might call it good without one. I just wanted it a little bigger. I’ll live. Your stars look magnificent! I listen to scriptures and talks on my phone while I sew, but I still want a book in my hand quite often. Sewing is the first thing I do every day, if there’s no appointment or company coming.

  3. Even 2.5″ squares take a lot of piecing! This quilt is going to be wonderfully rich with all that scrappy goodness, though 🙂

  4. Lovely blocks, but clearly quite fiddly, so I’m not surprised your ‘quilt drive’ only held out for 4 blocks! I have only one blocks to make today, but it’s fiddly too, so I shall listen to music rather than get carried away by an exciting audiobook. I like using BorrowBox to download audio books from the library onto my phone, especially as you can then play them at a faster or slower speed according to the time available.

  5. Ha! I love the title of the blog post it made me smile. Nice stars! Every time I see your works in progress I feel like I better go dust off my sewing machine 🙂

  6. I compromise by listening to books on CD from my library while I quilt!

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