Easy Move from Finishng Up to Starting

My plan for the week was to make backs and sandwich five tops I’ve made recently. (I have lots more tops, but they are out of sight.) I started with this top

1 QBB front

Its beginning and pattern information are here.  Most of my backing fabric has large print designs. That just wouldn’t work with the binding I’d cut.

1 QBB binding

The first place I start looking is among stuff that is out lying around. I spotted some solids that would combine nicely and made the back.

1 QBB back.jpg

The largest piece is darker than photo, more cranberry; the narrow piece deep maroon.

As I was folding the top and back together, I remembered why the fabrics had been lying out.  They were possibilities for the stars in my Irish Star quilt (see QAL button in sidebar) that started as a leader-ender project and has been waiting for its next step. Two fabrics had tails I could make stars from; the other two had been all used up.

So I interrupted my finishing streak after one top to cut the stars so I don’t make the same mistake again. (Starting is always more fun than finishing.) As of now my plan is to cut, then return to finishing. No promises.



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5 responses to “Easy Move from Finishng Up to Starting

  1. Betty Colburn

    Oh my. Good save. My room is always scattered with stacks of fabrics for intended projects. Diverting fabric from one project to another is always an option/danger. Sew on.

  2. Susan Nixon

    Are you making all your stars from solids? If you run short, I might have some that would work for you. =)

  3. Using stuff that is lying around sounds like a great plan 🙂
    I bet you have lots of fun stuff lying around in your sewing are!

  4. Glad to hear no harm done! That is always a risk here too…. fabrics making it into more ideas than there is yardage for! I’ve got friends who are organised with tubs to safely corral fabrics, but that has never seemed to be my style! 🙂

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