Backs and Maybe a Doll Quilt

Well, that took longer than my “soft” goal.  (All my goals are soft goals–definition: can be changed.) I’d thought to get to this point in a day. But it is such a boring couple of steps that I had to pause and read and cook and  and and . . .  But here they are, ready to be quilted, and that is the final step.

1 5 backs

I think making the quilts “envelope” style is supposed to be a short cut. But I am convinced there are no short cuts, only a shifting of where one spends time. There are still two seams around the periphery of the quilts; however, one does avoid cutting, stitching and pressing bias.  And you can make a smaller back. Two ways to conserve fabric. But cutting the back and batting and trimming it to size is more fiddly than cutting backing and batting larger than a quilt and trimming after it is quilted. Plus all the boring stuff is together, so it is even more boring. And add to that, five at once.

Flannel is preferred for the backs–I think it is a guild, not a fire fighter, criteria. The only flannel I purchases for these five quilts is the anchor print. It is left over from a longer piece that I used a year or so ago. The rest were donated by a friend.  They weren’t the colors or prints I’d normally go to for baby quilts, but I think they will do fine.  Black may be a bit much, but the cherry print lightens it up a bit as does the jungle print on the front. I do plan to wash the ones with red flannel with color catcher sheets on general principle; however, they had been prewashed and the white selvedge is still white.

I will probably have time to make the last lotto block into a doll quilt.

1 butterfly

I got out the cuddle fabric for the backing; I have enough for a 16 x 16 quilt, so I’ll add a 3-inch border.  I’ve already rejected the pale green in the above photo and tried several other colors. Leaning toward a dark orange at the moment. Or maybe green. The butterfly can either be on a flower or grass. I’m planning to shift entirely to baby quilts as soon as the cuddle fabric is gone.  I think there is enough for four more. It was gifted to guild for a project long ago and I volunteered to use the left overs.

Details about the fire fighters’ project and lotto in the previous post (here).

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5 responses to “Backs and Maybe a Doll Quilt

  1. I don’t love the envelope method, either. But I don’t mind making backs or bindings at all. One nice thing about batching them all together like this is you’ll have a bunch of finishes all at once! 🙂

  2. Yay, that is meeting a goal, extra time doesn’t count. It will be fun to finish the doll quilt. They go fast.

  3. Soft deadlines can be very useful. 😉 I think pillowcase style finishes have their place but you have very accurately pointed out the disadvantages. Still, lots of finishes all at once!

  4. This is truth: “I am convinced there are no short cuts, only a shifting of where one spends time.” Using good technique in the first place can (but doesn’t always) reduce time spent on fixing or re-doing. Other than that, I haven’t figured out short cuts. 🙂

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