From Sketch to Top

Progress is happening on the PaintBrush Studio project (sketch and fabric here).  First I got permission to change the background. Glad to know the option remains to select from the whole of Paintbrush Palette–though they supply only from their selection.

And the beginning looked just like the picture in my head.

pbs start

I’m really glad I could use that grayer blue, called Haze.

Then I finished the top.

pbs top

The fourth row doesn’t please me quite so much.  Looking at the whole piece of fabric, I ddn’t see it so white as it became once cut up.  Do any of you have tricks to help see that difference? I am not disappointed enough to do any ripping, as usual. Nor do I think I’ll make another top with one change.  But if I were, I’d make the fourth row of 4-inch squares of the backing fabric (shown in the above linked previous post). It will be better with the red binding.

On to making the back.



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6 responses to “From Sketch to Top

  1. If I’m not sure how a fabric will perform, I’ll either make a ‘window’ the right size and shape in a sheet of paper and view it through that, or I take a black & white photo to knock out the colour values and see only the tonal values. But I really like this finished top anyway, even if you feel those last squares are a bit pale.

  2. mlmcspadden

    Looks great! How did you find out about the Paintbrush challenge?

    • I’d read on another blog of receiving fabric from Paintbrush Studio Fabrics and went looking. After the first post went back to the website–there is a tab, somethng like ‘sew with us.’ You apply. If accepted, you get the idea-starter emails and send in your plan.

  3. I really like this design, with the different sizes of squares moving out from one corner. That geometry jumps out at me more than the individual fabric differences, but of course you had a predetermined look in your mind first. Perhaps you could quilt the whiter squares with a fairly dense motif in the color thread you want.

  4. dezertsuz

    I like it, personally, and with a red binding, it will give a break from the other fabrics. It would also have been pretty in the blue gulls, but that wouldn’t be controlled either, and you might have found it blending a lot more than the one you used. This looks quite nice, even before quilting and binding!

  5. Yes, I think red binding will pull it together just fine!

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