Paint Brush Studio Fabrics

I’m trying a new thing. I applied to a  Paintbrush Studio Fabrics  request for people interested in making things with PBS fabric. ( I don’t remember if it was an email request or a link on their website.ETA: it’s a link on their website.) (ETA: Program discontinued and there is a new variation. April 20/0). They send an email with their fabric selection and some prompts.  Receivers submit descriptions of what they want to make with it and how much fabric is needed. Then PBS sends fabric to the people whose projects were chosen.

I was too busy to consider responding the first two prompts they sent. There were second requests showing  quilt pattern possibilities for the fabrics. I figured when I was ready to submit I may be in demand. And this month my idea was created and accepted.

Here is the sketch (each square is 2 inches)

quilt sketch

And the fabric arrived today.


I’ve combined pieces from two lines: Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun (designer’s name, other than Paintbrush Studio not given) and Maja Ronnback’s Garden Glory. And Painters’ Palette Solids, of course. I’m rethinking the background shade of blue, but don’t know if I can make a change after a project has been accepted. I’ve asked.

I think the design is a good way to showcase fabrics. I had done something similar with fewer fabrics in the past (here). This seems an easy arrangement to vary. Maybe a series? Time will tell (unless 2 makes a series. )

It is destined for my local guild’s charity program. The size (46 x 46) can be either a child’s quilt or a lap quilt for a nursing home resident.




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8 responses to “Paint Brush Studio Fabrics

  1. This looks like a fun project! Does it have a deadine?

  2. Love the design, and I’ll be interested to see if you proceed with the blue or get to change it out for another colour. Either way, it’ll be a striking quilt, and those Garden Glory fabrics are gorgeous.

  3. Betty Colburn

    Your design reminds me of the Design Group’s early explorations. I think those fabrics will give an edge of traditionalism to a modern design.

  4. It’s a wonderful design! I can see why it was accepted. So they don’t get the quilt, only pictures to use on IG and advertising, or whatever?

  5. Sounds like fun! I hadn’t heard of this program. I look forward to seeing the quilt!

  6. I love the fabrics, so I applied too using the link you sent. 🙂

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