“Torii” Sketches

You’ve been dying to see what I’ve done for Elizabeth Barton’s class with last post’s photo, right? (Quite likely not, but I’m going to tell you anyway.) First I cropped the photo.

b torii corner

Then I sketched the major lines including some of the wires and poles in the background because I thought the latter added interest.

L3 lines

I put “torii” in quotes in the title because I was pretty loose with the lines, and only one of the sketches has anything resembling a torii look. And that maybe only if you already know about the photos. (I also wonder to what extent the three appear to have come from the same source.)

In the first sketch I kept some of the hanging tags. And added an extension to the left.

L3sketch 1

This one needs the most work:rotating, eliminating, etc.

The next was my favorite

L3 sketch2 adjusted 2

It needed the fewest changes, and they have been done. Mostly filling the upper left triangle with extensions of the lines below it. Since it was my favorite and needed less work, I’m thinking my judgment might be improving.

The third one has some resemblance to a torii.

L3sketch 3

But when  rotate it 90 degrees left, as suggested, the toriiness will be gone. No matter. I have more ideas from this photo, which I suppose makes it a potential series. But I don’t think I can call it my torii series since the torii keeps disappearing. I’ll come up with a name. Or maybe one of you will.

The assignment included grabbing colors from the photo, but the photo had so few that I took a photo of a nearby bush. And saturated it in iPhoto.

berry color_2 saturated

I also have a color assignment for Lesson 2 which has been fun to work on.  I did it armchair method, computer open and showing the art source, and a swatch book in hand.  I had planned to set it aside and move on to Lesson 4, but I was in the mood to think color. I can move on while waiting for fabric to arrive.

And I signed up for Elizabeth’s next class, Mod Meets Improv. I am especially interested in her version of improv since she emphasizes sketching so much in the art quilt classes.

Chances are I’ll not have any more progress to post before Friday so this will be my post to link to Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Friday (button in sidebar).





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6 responses to ““Torii” Sketches

  1. Love those brilliant saturated colours in the photo – exactly the kind of colours I enjoy using 🙂

  2. Elizabeth was right about rotating that one sketch so the heavy lines fall at the bottom. I’ve signed up for Mod Meets Improv, too, but will be late starting due to travel. Hope to “see” you in class.

  3. mlmcspadden

    Lots of interesting sketches in your drawings. Going to put them into fabric?

  4. I like the 3rd sketch, and don’t see why you can’t call it a torii series, since that’s what inspired it. It doesn’t have to literally look like one, in my opinion.

  5. dezertsuz

    I agree, call it Torii. It gives the viewer a starting point, too. I also like the middle one best. If you’re going to rotate it ninety, I like it rotated to the right better than the left. And to be honest, I like the bottom one rotated to the right and not at all rotated to the left. LOL

  6. I love that photo inspiration! How awesome you took a class with Elizabeth Barton! I have a couple of her books.

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