Numbers, Numbers . . .

Luckily, the quilt was draped over the sofa, and yet more luckily, I was studying it. Otherwise I might not have noticed that December had been sewn in upside down!  (Bet you didn’t either–here in case you want to check.) I usually avoid ripping if it looks okay as is, but this one needed to be right so that the temperatures came out right. (Yeah, I know, no one will likely ever check.)

Being a glass-half-full kind of person, I noticed that it was in the easiest possible spot to rip and replace.

1 oops

I might have let it pass had it been in the middle or if more borders had been sewn already.

That fixed, I moved on to the numbers. They were indeed tedious. I’m glad I started with them because the larger letters I am working on now seem easy by comparison.

1 left border

Each number block is 3 inches X 2 inches. Not sure I would do it again (until the next time. 🙂  )  You may remember me complaining when piecing blocks about all the solid stretches of one color.  Had I chosen smaller increments than 10 degrees, I’d have had more interesting blocks.  But I resisted that because I didn’t want to make twice as many number blocks. Sound basis for a design decision, no?

I debated about whether or not to use 20 and 100, temperatures we never experienced as highs. (There were some lows in the 20s.) I decided the palette was more interesting with them. And so that they don’t stand alone, I’ll use red and purple in the text top and bottom.

Although it isn’t officially a block-of-the-month project, it had to be worked on monthly and I worked with a group. Besides, I want to say , HI, to BOMs Away.

Here’s to smooth finishing and enough background fabric.


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7 responses to “Numbers, Numbers . . .

  1. I suspect no-one but you would have noticed if you’d said nothing. Most of us will be concerned more with the clever idea and overall effect than with the exactitude of the representation! I hope your patience holds out to the end 🙂

  2. mlmcspadden

    Looks great!

  3. I’d have had to change out the Dec. block too if it had been my project. 😉 Here’s to finding the right (and enough) backing fabric!

  4. Hey, cool – love your key blocks! I’m sure they *were* a bit of a pain at that size, but they look great.

  5. Very clever to stitch in the numbers! I don’t think I’ve seen a temperature quilt that actually had a color key before 🙂

  6. Well glad you did not realize the boo-boo when you were in the middle of quilting it, I’ve done that 🙂
    Very cool quilt!

  7. Haha! You are absolutely right that I did NOT notice the upside down month! However, I totally get why it had to be fixed 🙂

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