When a Little Looks Like a Lot

So yesterday I pulled out an old project (here); today I cheated a bit. Instead of following up by working on the numbers, I assembled the blocks.

weather quilt

Isn’t that more impressive than a couple 3-inch blocks?

The papers remain because they identify the month that the block represents.  I want to quilt in month names, and it won’t be possible to check for accurate month identification when the quilt is rolled up under the Featherweight.

I don’t usually design this way, accepting some arbitrary scheme and following it. (Sudoku quilts are another example of assigning a color to a number and creating a quilt without thought to design principles.) But I have to admit it is fun sometimes. Especially when a group of friends is working on the same “paint by numbers” as it were.

The numbers/colors “key” will fill the left border. Maybe tomorrow.



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4 responses to “When a Little Looks Like a Lot

  1. I like this layout, just like calendar pages!

  2. As you say, sometimes it’s fun not to over-think things. I looked at that and wondered how much fun it would be to make a quilt that was a wind/rain map of one of our cyclones, based on the weather maps provided by the Bureau of Meteorology, or those great animated weather maps you see on Windy.TV… ‘Portrait of Debbie’ (the last one that brushed past us).

  3. The piece looks wonderful so far!

  4. I usually don’t design this way either, but it came out quite well!

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