Quilting Shoves Its Way In

A couple days ago, my UFOs (Unfinished Objects) started yelling. One in particular, the weather quilt I started in 2016, said I had to work on it before its information became paleoclimate studies. (I had left off here, approximately 2 years ago.) So I shoved knitting and reading aside and got the blocks out.

Nothing is worse than trying to pick up where I left off when hurriedly packing a project away, even with notes.

sketch and pieces

When I put it away, I am sure this all made sense. I had the scale noted on the note page for the numbers, and I had cut pieces for the number 20. The pieces for the 2 fit, but the 0??? Nothing made those pieces work. I finally admitted they must have been a mistake and cut more. And order was partially restored.


But the other page of notes for the letters? There was no scale noted, and nothing that I pondered made sense for the area available. So I redid all the calculations till I had something that will probably work. I’ll keep you posted.

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6 responses to “Quilting Shoves Its Way In

  1. I hate when I go back to a quilt left for a while and my notes don’t make sense. I feel your pain Good Luck!

  2. Even with notes I find it hard to go back to an abandoned project and understand what my original intentions were!

  3. I found a bag with 160 HSTs in it, all nicely trimmed up. I know WHO they are for, but not WHAT pattern. Hmm. “Paleoclimate studies” made me laugh! Quilting core samples 🙂

  4. Never underestimate the power of Nag. It sounds as if you have done some careful archeology in the project bag, but like all archeology, it’s based on educated guesswork. Good enough for me. I’ll enjoy seeing your reconstruction!

  5. Hoo-boy, it really can be a bear trying to revive a half-dead project. You were brave to forge ahead–I probably would have improvised a scrap quilt instead 🙂

  6. Sigh, yes sometimes those UFOs start yelling, very loudly! The title of your post made me laugh!

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