Sock Time

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was active in knitting for Mittens for Akkol.  During that time someone was destashing (with the understanding that yarn would be used for Akkol) and I bought some, cheap. But before I started knitting it up, my attention shifted more and more to quilting.

I’d think about it now and again, but the time wouldn’t be right. And then the time was right–knitting being a sedentary project. So out came the yarn.

1 sock yan

And alas, the left over yarn is the only photo you will see.  When I finished the first pair I decided not to take a photo till they were all finished; then when they were all finished the deadline to mail was too close to stop and photograph! So you will have to use your imagination.

Those in the mail, six weeks till Christmas, and the knitting bug still active, I set out to make two pair of socks for Christmas presents. These did get their picture taken.

1 socks

I suppose I should block them, but it seems to me that feet do a good job of that.

The local shops that have a large collection of sock yarn have closed, so to get a color I liked I decided to experiment with dk weight. It makes a thicker, stiffer sock; we’ll see what laundering does for it. I’ll get to test-wear it too as there was a lot left over.

1 mixed sock

Almost, but not quite, enough for a brown (portobello) pair. But the toe will be in the shoe, so blue (coveralls) will work. (Love the names and colors by Hazel Knits!)

By the time I finish the second sock, I will have overdosed on knitting and be ready for a return to quilting. I remember a T-shirt with the slogan, “If I quilt real fast is it aerobic exercise?”–inquiring minds want to know.



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5 responses to “Sock Time

  1. dezertsuz

    LOL, yes, if you can quilt fast enough, it will burn lots of calories and calm your heart rate at the same time! Your socks are great, and I love the idea of blocking while walking in them. LOL Those are pretty yarns you didn’t photograph the socks. =) What is your preferred sock yarn?

    • What I used to do when yarn stores carried a lot of sock yarn was to go and pick out colors and the feel. There were enough that I could do so without remembering brand and subcategory. I prefer one that works up soft (which eliminates one with lovely colors that ends up scratchy–can’t even think of that brand name) and I usually go for one that suggests size 1 needles ( but I’ll use size 0).

  2. Okay I bow my head to you in awe as sock making is something I’ve always wanted to do. It looks mysterious and hard (I will have to take a class someday to learn sock knitting). Your loved ones were lucky to receive handmade socks!

  3. I cant knit to save my soul but have a pattern for a crocheted sock that you start at the toe and work up. I am having problems with it still! I so admire anyone who can knit let alone turn them into socks! Wonderful job!

  4. I’m sure the recipients will love their mittens. I like making mittens in the summer — very portable and faster than socks 🙂

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