Finished Group Quilt

After I sewed the borders, I passed the top on and sat back to await the finished product.

(You last saw it here.)

Anne and Betty made the back.  I don’t have  photo–I’m hoping to get one from te photos from guild show ‘n tell. Anne snagged a nice backing fabric white with a BIG blue dot.  They sewed a strip from top to bottom using pieces from the front and pieced the dots with a small strip of the dot fabric offset.about half  Then Betty quilted it and Tam bound it.

What If?

The title now is What If?

We have entered it in QuiltCon. If it gets accepted I won’t have to blog about it; you will have already heard the squeals of joy. If it doesn’t, no matter.

Its final destination is to the charity projects of the guild; they are always needing more larger, boy friendly design quilts.



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9 responses to “Finished Group Quilt

  1. It looks fantastic, Claire.

  2. It’s a wonder! My eye keeps being drawn to the third block down on the right. There’s a waving figure 🙂

  3. dezertsuz

    Definitely boy friendly! I remember when you were doing this last summer. I like the final layout on it and how nicely everything seems to fit together. One would think it were planned that way!

  4. I looks wonderful! I’ll be listening for the squeals 🙂

  5. Cher Smith

    missed the meeting so here is hoping it wins a ribbon at QuiltCon!! turned out smashing!!!

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