My Last NW Quilt Expo Photos

If I remember correctly this one was Judges’ Choice.

A-Golden Days

Golden Days Inger Blood

The center motif was painted then thread painted. Doesn’t it look like a page in an old album? The quilting in the border was exquisite.

A-Golden Days detail 1

A-Golden days detail 2

I admire representational art quilts, but I doubt I’ll ever make any. But who knows? Maybe it depends on what classes are offered at guild. Or on my seeing something that I just have to create.

Once again my photo program scrambled quilt and tag photos, and I don’t have enough hint of the quilt in the tag photos. So I have one tag and two photos, and I am not sure which the tag goes with.  The tag says Gnome Forest by Barbara Triscari. I think it went with this one.

A-Gnome Forest?

Then there is this unlabeled one.

A-VW plus bugs

I once drove a bug, but I don’t think that was essential to enjoy this one.

Another quilt that I didn’t get a label for–it was made by one of the two featured artists. If I had saved my program I’d at least have the quilter’s name, but alas . . .

A-Blue white whole

I couldn’t get back far enough to get the whole. I’d say it was queen sized. And here it is with my friend’s finger to show how tiny the pieces.

blue white tiny pieces finger

No, she wasn’t touching the quilt. It was the first photo of the day and I forgot to turn the flash off. Here is another to show the hand quilting.

A-Blue white detail

Hand quilting keeps getting more rare except for the occasional accent stitches.

And last, but not least, another densely quilted piece.

A-Laurel Leaf

Laurel Leaf Cathy Erikson

I wish I could tell you what that ribbon is! But I did get two shots of the quilting.

A-Laurel Leaf detail

A-Laurel Leaf detail 2

I really like quilting that becomes part of the design, as this does. I hope to learn to do this kind of quilting.

Till next year’s show . . .



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3 responses to “My Last NW Quilt Expo Photos

  1. The first two quilts left me speechless – wow! Thanks for sharing these quilts!

  2. dezertsuz

    Definitely beautiful entries! Those pieces are very tiny, from my point of view. =) I’d rather see the quilting than know what the ribbon was for, but it was blue and that’s good enough to know. =)

  3. Good for you being ambitious enough to want to quilt like that. I would just like to quilt without creating wrinkles 😆

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