Quilt Show Time–NW Quilt Expo

A great annual event almost in my back yard here in Portland, OR. I hadn’t entered any quilts this year, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying what was entered!

I focused on art quilts, prize winners, and dense quilting this year. Or at least those were the items that pulled my camera out of its case.

SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Association) had its Bridges exhibition hanging. I’d seen it before in Beaverton, but some that I remembered weren’t here and there were some I’d not remembered. So I’m guessing both exhibits were partial. (No possibility of memory failure, of course.) While I enjoyed them all, only one brought the camera out.

A-Linking Europe to Asia

Linking Europe to Asia Anne Doughaty

Some of the quilts were, like this one, bridges over water; other meanings were also represented: bridge, the card game, bridges supporting strings in musical instrument, and from the Beaverton show I remember one of the bridge of the nose.

I think I remember this one was in small quilts, but I thought it should have been in art quilts. (If that isn’t true of this one, there were several I thought could have been better placed, but I think the quilter makes that decision.)

A-Dashes and Dots

Dashes and Dots Tami Graeber

Besides the visual impact, this one sported dense quilting design.

A-Dashes and dots detail

This next one was among the Art, non-representational category.

A-The Value of Value

The Value of Value Sheila Staers

The above one interested me visually, but also because I think value doesn’t get enough attention, generally.

I carefully photographed ribbons so I’d remember which prize a quilt won; however, the print didn’t show up on the photo for most of them. I’ll try harder next year. I did remember a couple. This one took first place in Art, non-representational.

A-Klimt in Blue

Klimpt in Blue Penny Hanscom

I’ll have to go check out Klimpt paintings to understand the inspiration noted in the title.

Next, the best of show.

A-My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden Margaret Solomon Gunn

I don’t always agree with the judges, but this year I did. I liked the design, the color choice, the workmanship in the applique and the quilting. Here’s a sample.

A-My Secret Garden detail

This next first was, I think, in the large quilt category.

A-Colorful Colorado Medallion

Colorful Colorado Medallion Sharon Engel

Not only do I love medallion quilts, but the color progression appealed to me as did the tiny triangles. And the quilting.

A-Colorful Colorado Medallion detail

I think I’d better stop and eat lunch; I’ll post a few more photos in a couple days.

What is your focus when you go to quilt shows?  Is it always the same or does it vary with the show?



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6 responses to “Quilt Show Time–NW Quilt Expo

  1. Thanks for posting the pics from the show! My focus tends to change with the shows I make it too, but usually is something that will spark an idea later.

  2. I only wish I could get to quilt shows… Just a suggestion for future shows; could you install a voice recorder app on your phone and say the maker’s name and quilt title after every shot, so you have a non-visual record that isn’t reliant on good lighting?

  3. dezertsuz

    Wonderful quilts, every one. I drift toward traditional quilts first, if there’s a big mix, but I always like looking at the quilting itself, hand or machine, I don’t care. Thanks for the close-ups on the quilting of some of these. As for the ribbons/attribution, I always take a close up of that by itself for exactly the reason you said. Or at least the number of the quilt, so I can look it up in the show book.

  4. Before I scrolled down to the caption, I thought “That one looks like a Klimpt!” Very cool. I haven’t attended very many quilt shows, only two, and I was so new that they completely overwhelmed me. Maybe next time I can have some actual focus!

  5. I’ve never attended and your post reminds me I should attend someday! Klimpt in Blue Penny Hanscom – is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing photos!

  6. That was fun! And I’m sure it was even more fun in person…

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