Baby Quilt and Little Golden Books

As a kid, I loved Little Golden Books. So I was tickled when I saw fabric based on them. I snatched it up because I knew it wouldn’t be around long. Twice. Then I didn’t see it again. I can’t imagine it didn’t sell. Maybe Quilting Treasures stopped after two? Anyway, I got Pokey Little Puppy (made up rather quickly, a very long time ago–here) and The Shaggy, Baggy Elephant (has been in waiting).

1 detail

Its day has come–a shower for my great-niece. (It’s okay, she doesn’t read my blog.)

I’ll have to trim the blocks. They were made to be a book, so not precise squares. Hence, when I cut 1/2 inch beyond the white, the “squares” came out crooked.Ā  So I’ll make it so that no brown edge shows. Might look better than edging anyway. (Looks like that is what I did the first time too.)

I started out thinking blue or green sashing, but noticed the peach in most of the “pages.” I rather liked it and then thought to the cornerstones.Ā  Again I started out thinking green, but it got too bright against the peach. So I went to a warm brown (that I will use for binding too).

1 plain

Ah, but there in the pile of batiks to be put away was this brown with green splotches.

1 green spot

I thought it might draw too much attention to itself, but it doesn’t seem to. So I’ll use it.

I’ll make a narrow border of the binding brown then use this print for final borders.

1 border

It almost looks like the intent had been to make all those stories. Or maybe they did, and I found the fabric only near the end of the series. I think this piece was in with a batch of fabric someone gave me. The quilt back will be from companion fabric I bought that is more like the inner cover of the books.

1 back

ETA: The date on each of the three selvages is 2009.

A couple intense sewing days are in my future. Deadlines do help progress.

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9 responses to “Baby Quilt and Little Golden Books

  1. That’s really great fabric! I think it’s fun to make baby quilts from those soft book panels, and you’re right that they often aren’t square. But a little trimming and twisting usually solves that. Your layout and fabric choices look super šŸ™‚

  2. I’m not familiar with the books, but the illustration you’ve shown is very sweet, so it’ll make a lovely baby quilt šŸ™‚

  3. Me too! Also bought the Dick and Jane fabric about 10 years ago šŸ˜„

  4. Cher Smith

    well thought out and I think it will turn out perfect! great way to use stash and find matching go with fabrics too

  5. Great quilt in progress!

  6. dezertsuz

    Really a great way to make a super memorable baby quilt. I loved all those books – I had my own bookcase which was filled with Little Golden Books and Little Golden Records – not all of which were yellow, but most were.

  7. This is so cute. I may have to reconsider not purchasing panels of fabric.

  8. Golden Books! Oh my beloved Golden Books as a kid! I love the quilt and the setting fabric for the blocks is perfect!

  9. Oh, I love Golden Books. My favourite was the Color Kittens. I would buy yards and yards if I ever saw Color Kitten fabric!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever found book panel fabrics that are printed square, but I’m sure your quilt will turn out fabulous regardless. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this at Clever Chameleon.

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