Tahoe Quilts Finished at Last

ETA: Linking with Clever Chameleon since color decisions were involved.  Satisfactorily in the binding of the pink one, less so in the addition of green (opposite color scheme) as accent.

The retreat was in the summer of 2015. I finished the tops fairly quickly (post about retreat with tops finished here); quilting took longer (red one here but I think I had decided not to post the quilting on the pink one till it was bound) and the second binding longer yet.

a Tahoe red

40 x 60

It’s been washed, so it has that crinkly look.

a Tahoe red quilting

And here you can see the leaf pattern, an idea I got from Christina Carmelli. And here is the second one quilted and bound.

a Tahoe dusty pink

The quilting is a simple meander, done a couple months ago.  One thing holding back the binding is that I’d planned to match the blue of the pinwheel in the middle. But the back said, No.

a Tahoe dusty pink back

Finally I finished a project that the rust batik had been held for (here–those trees had been intended for a large quilt), so it was released for other uses. And it worked well for both sides.

These blocks were contributed by many members of the Sunshine online guild (now on MeWe more than on Yahoo); whether from scraps or yardage, the end result is a scrappy quilt.

Since this is almost the 15th, check out Scrap Happy for what others have done with scraps.



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10 responses to “Tahoe Quilts Finished at Last

  1. That meandering leaf quilting pattern is really pretty. Worth the wait! Thanks for the link; we’ll have an interesting one this time, as we now have a member who’s doing scrappy stuff with electronics!

  2. Claire, these are both looking good, but that pink one is my favorite! I have three little table toppers that are waiting for more quilting practice before I put them under the needle. 😉

  3. I love the crinkly look your meandering (and washing) gave your quilt and I think the binding you chose was definitely a good decision.

  4. They look great, Claire! Long live the Tahoes! Soon, you’ll be sick of Mendotas 🙂

  5. So are these donation quilts?

  6. dezertsuz

    Those are fabulous, and now you’ve added another quilting pattern to your repertoire! Great finishes. I never listen to the back of a quilt. =)

  7. Cher Smith

    enjoyed seeing your results!

  8. I love your quilting on it and congrats on the finish!

  9. Thanks for sharing your decisions and quilting up close. I always get so much more out of other people’s quilts when they share some of the journey. Congrats on your finishes, I’m sure these quilts will be well loved.

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