Contradance Finished

From idea to finished product in one day (however, the HSTs were premade). A record.  (I should mention that it is only 8-inches square.)

Back when I was organizing scraps (somewhat) I gathered all my bonus triangles and HSTs together.  This is just one bagful:

a trimmings

“Bonus” means they come from rectangle pieces stitched together on the diagonal to make blocks like the Flying Geese bock. Once cut off I keep them, stitch them as leaders-enders, then when the fancy strikes move them along. These are all stitched; some need to be pressed, some are pressed already. All need to be trimmed.

The motivation this time came when our guild was demonstrating quilting at the Gathering of the Guilds.  I figured I could get a fair amount of trimming completed in a couple hours there. And I did.

One batch was a group of HSTs that had gotten separated from the original batch. That batch has long been a quilt (here).  I had enough to make four blocks and I had yet to make a little quilt for the small quilt raffle at the guild show. So I started arranging.

a arrangement

I could have made five of that corner block, but it didn’t make a logical center for a 9-patch, so I substituted the pinwheel and the few extras will go with other random left overs. And I did fix the pinwheel before I started to sew. You can see the resemblance to the Bear Paw, though the larger HSTs would have to be squares and the pinwheel a smaller square for it to really be a Bear Paw.  Someday I’ll browse to see if such a block already is identified in Barbara Brackman’s encyclopedia.

So I started in the morning and finished in the early afternoon. Actually I was surprised it took so long. And here is the finish:

a Contradance

Binding took forever because there were mostly corners. None of those long seams to make time on!

For once a Scrap Happy quilt that has scraps even for the background and backing and binding. I usually fudge on at least one of those items. Visit Kate’s Tall Tales from Chiconia to see more scrappy posts. (I’ll update with specific link later.)

There were 46-47 quilts in the small quilt raffle.  I haven’t gotten any phone calls, so apparently I didn’t win any that I put chances on.

ETA: Today (5/14/18) at guild meeting they announced the small quilt raffle brought in a little over $600.00.



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10 responses to “Contradance Finished

  1. Contradance – what a great name! I love that you made it from leftover parts! Hope your guild raises lots of money for your cause 😀

  2. Squaring up the tiny HST is a job all by itself. YAY for a one-day-er.

  3. That pile of trimmings is very eloquent of why some people don’t use their scraps. But you’ve put in the hard yards, and the result is lovely – and totally ScrapHappy!

    • Actually, whether I make HSTs from scraps or yardage, there will be the trimmings! Making them oversized and trimming them down is the only way I can get accurate HSTs. I felt vindicated when in a class, Sally Collins said the same thing.

  4. I had to laugh at your being surprised it took so long! That seems to be the story of any quilt project!

  5. mlmcspadden

    Very cute project!

  6. Such a pretty wee quilt! I always feel a bit smug when I manage to use up some scraps!

  7. dezertsuz

    That’s really a great little quilt. I don’t know if I can ever remember doing anything quite that fast, even small! What a great fund-raiser that was!

  8. Super cute mini! The corners kind of look like crowns to me. Gotta love an all-scraps project 🙂

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